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Taming the Tease Ch 8

2022-10-13 00:33:22

Taming the Tease Ch: 8

Bella stroked Alexandra’s cheek with her lips as her mouth made her way to the groin of the rich oil tycoon in front of her.

This man was a premium client who had made his way to Jon’s establishment. And he was getting pleasured like one. He had paid thousands to have Bella, Leanna and Alexandra pleasure him in the upstairs lounge.

The three teens were naked, save for their white stiletto heels and artificial halos that were part of their uniform.

Leanna was sitting on his face, with the rich Texan’s tongue buried in her luscious ass cheeks. Bella and Alexandra were sharing his thick cock. Alexandra had it deep in her mouth. Bella was licking his scrotum

Although the man was not the most pleasant to look at, the three teens were all turned on by his great display of wealth. With how much he was spending on them, they wanted to do a great job for him.

The man was moaning uncontrollably. One of his hands was groping Leanna’s round breasts, the other stroking Alex’s silky blonde hair as she continued to suck him off.

Bella and Alex felt his dick twitch.

“Yeee-Hahh!” The old Texan yelled as he came deep into Alex’s mouth. The blonde teen took a big gulp of cum, and then let Bella have a taste. Bella sucked his cock dry, milking every last drop of cum.

The girls climbed off of him and each took turns giving him passionate kisses. The tycoon threw some more money at them and commended them for a job well done.

Bella kissed her friends goodbye as they left work. She was the last girl left in the change room. She threw on a tight fitting white crew neck t-shirt, as well as black Lululemon yoga pants that hugged her ass and thighs like a second skin.

She was getting ready to leave work when Jon, her boss, called her in to his office.

Bella entered his executive suite, and gave the Italian man a hug and kiss on the cheek. He had always treated her and the girls very well.

Jon ushered Bella to sit down. He marveled at his star attraction. Even in a plain white t-shirt, her magnificent breasts seemed like they were ready to bust out of it. He could make out the outlines of her nipples. He was shocked that her breasts showed no hint of sag, even without a bra.

“Bella, how are you doing sweetheart?”

“Great Jon! Another great night at work. I got to work with Alex and Leanna for the last guy so that is always a good time.” She laughed

“Yeah, he approached me and told me how well you girls treated him. You know me Bella. It makes me very happy to see our customers have such a great time. It’s that kind of work which will get us to be world famous!”

“Yeah I agree. He was nice though, and he tipped a lot!”

“Yes. The more famous we get, the more men like him will be coming to the establishment. And of course, that means the more rich you girls will become, Bella”

Bella smiled at the thought of this.

Jon continued.

“That being said Bella, you are the star attraction. As beautiful as all of the girls are here, your beauty is truly unmatched. How would you like to help me take this company to the next level?”

Bella blushed “Aw thanks Jon. That means a lot coming from a man of your stature. And of course I would love to help. What do you want me to do?”

“Excellent my dear girl. Well, I want you to become the face of our club. I want to start with a photoshoot, so that I can put big framed photos of you up on the walls. I think that would make the atmosphere even sexier.”

“Sir I’m honored. I would love to do that.” Bella felt so proud to be the one chosen to do this.

“Excellent. I am also planning to develop a website for promotion. This is in development, but I will want you to be the main attraction on the website as well.”

“Ok sir, that is such an honor!” she beamed

“Great Bella. Now go home and get some rest . I will send a photo crew for you tomorrow.

Bella woke up the next morning ecstatic. She had always wanted to be a model, and now she had been chosen to be one!

She quickly showered and tied her hair up in a loose bun. She knew that the crew would be providing her with make-up and outfits.

She dressed in a blue floral pattern sundress. Its thin blue straps held it up over her shoulders. It had a diving neck like which accentuated her deep cleavage. It fit her ass tightly and then hung loosely down her thighs ending an inch above her knees.

She decided to go without a bra. The one she wanted to wear just didn’t seem to fit any more! Oh well, her naturally perky DD cup breasts held in place perfectly without a bra. She slipped on a silky white thong.

Bella finished the outfit with white pumps which matched the white floral design of the dress.

She waited in anticipation.

Finally she heard a vehicle pull up in front of her house. It was a large jet black trailer.

As Bella stepped onto her driveway the door of the trailer opened and a gray haired man stepped out. He looked to be in his 60’s but looked fit. He was a tall man that towered over Bella as he walked up to her.

He looked her up and down, soaking in her delectable body in her sundress.

“I’m Angelo my dear.” He spoke in a thick Italian accent “Jon is a good friend. He has hired me to be his photographer.”

“Oh Hi Angelo, I’m Bella.” She smiled as she stuck out her hand.

Angelo took her hand in his and gave it a kiss. He urged her to follow him into the trailer.

The interior of the trailer was very luxurious. There were leather couches, and a large television. There was a large lazy boy chair in front of a desk filled with make-up.

4 other men greeted her. One of them was Angelo’s assistant, Raphael. He was a small scrawnier man that looked like a weasel. He looked to be in his 40’s, with nowhere near to looks of his boss.

1 other introduced himself as a make-up assistant, Gerardo. The 2 others were with the film crew, in charge of lighting. They only spoke Italian.

In a flash, Angelo turned to her.

“Ok my dear, off with the dress. I want to see what I’m working with.”

Bella, while comforted by his professional tone, was quite taken aback by the aggressive request. He sounded like he was asking to do a menial task, but in reality he was asking her to bare all in front of a room full of strange men!

Bella paused before taking grabbing the hem of her dress and pulling it over her head swiftly.

Angelo walked over to her and examined her fully developed teenage body.

“Very nice.” He said as he looked her naked body up and down. He took a hand and casually groped her breasts.

Bella didn’t know how to react. Here was a man that only just met her having the nerve to grope her breasts. She just stood there as he continued

“Excellent breasts Bella.” His hands moved to her shoulders and continued down to her thin waist “They really are miraculously big for a girl who had such a slender waist and petite frame. We will make sure that we highlight them in the photoshoot” He continued to speak quite professionally

It soothed Bella that he was relating her body to the photoshoot. She still couldn’t help but feel a bit on edge as she could feel the eyes of the rest of the men in the room on her nearly naked body.

Angelo took the strings of her thong in his fingers and swiftly pulled it down. He knelt as he looked directly at her naked groin.

“Clean shaven. Good girl, now Raphael won’t have to shave you. Turn please.”

Bella couldn’t believe what was going on. She stepped out of her panties and turned around. She felt two hands stroke her lower back lightly. The hands made their way to her round ass cheeks. She felt Angelo take each ass cheek in a hand, lift it up and drop it, letting it jiggle. Angelo did this several times.

“Your ass is just as magnificent as your breasts Bella. Such wide hips on such a thin girl, truly miraculous. And your cheeks are so luscious. There is a natural bounce to them that only a young girl could have. We will make sure to spend lots of attention to your back end as well.”

Bella, although still on edge, loved the compliments she was receiving on her body.

“Raphael, tell me her measurements.” Angelo commanded as he stepped back.

Raphael quickly knelt down so he was face level with Bella’s ass. He measured her hips

“36 inch hips boss.”

He let his hands graze her ass cheeks as he stood up.

Bella did not feel as comfortable with Raphael handling her. Even though he was not nearly as aggressive as Angelo, he was very unattractive to her. He stood an inch shorter than her, He had greasy jet black hair, oily skin and a whisker like mustache which made him resemble a rodent.

She felt his hands wrap around her waist with the measuring tape.

“24 inch waist”

His hands slid up her body and grabbed her breasts. He squeezed them, lifting them up in each hand.

Bella had never been formally measured for bra size but she didn’t think this was how it was supposed to be done. She tried her best not to squirm. She heard Raphael moan as he groped her breasts.

He took more measurements.

“Breasts are somewhere between 32DD to 32DDD boss”

Bella smiled. No wonder she couldn’t fit into the bra she wanted this morning. Her breasts must have grown in the last few months!

Raphael measured her full body head to toe

“And finally, 5’7”. “

Angelo replied “Excellent, thank you Raphael. Well Bella you certainly are blessed with incredible dimensions. I am sure we will enjoy working with you.”

Bella smiled.

“Follow me Bella.” Raphael led her hand to a massage table in the center of the room. “Let’s get you ready for your shoot.”

Bella reluctantly followed him. She lied on the massage table facing down as she was instructed.

“Raphael is going to put an oil on your body my dear” She heard Angelo’s voice say “we will be having this photoshoot outside, I want the sun to reflect off of your body, making it shine.”

With that she felt Raphael’s hairy and now slimy hands start caressing her. He started at her feet. He made sure to get areas in between her toes.

Bella has had experience with so many men who had foot fetishes that this didn’t even make her tickle anymore.

He worked his way up her calves and thighs. Bella felt as if she heard the creepy man moan as he reached her juicy ass.

After applying ample amounts of the oil on her ass cheeks he spread her cheeks and made sure to oil the crease between her cheeks. He started to circle her ass hole.

Bella felt that this creep was spending too much time on her ass.

“Raphael, we don’t have all day.” Angelo said sternly. The other men laughed.

Raphael reluctantly took his hands off of her ass and continued to apply it up her back, shoulders and neck.

Bella repositioned on the bed so that her front was exposed. She looked down casually at Raphael and noticed a small erection poking out of his pants.

Bella cringed.

Raphael quickly oiled Bella’s arms and shoulder area before making his way to her breasts. Again he groped her breasts. His hands were drenched in oil as
he squeezed them. He seemed to be playing with them more so then applying oil.

To Bella’s relief, his hands slid off her breasts and made their way down her sleek stomach.

Bella looked down at her body. The oil really did make it shine in the light.

Raphael reached her thighs. He started applying the oil to the inside of her thighs. Bella couldn’t help but feel a tinge of excitement.

The hands made their way up to her vagina. Raphael put some of the oil on the lips of her vagina before splitting the lips, causing her to moan softly. He put a finger on her clitoris and applied some oil on it, rubbing it softly. She let out an audible moan. She felt quite embarrassed as she snapped back to reality and realized where she was.

Angelo sensed that she was embarrassed “not to worry my dear, we are all professionals here.” He laughed.

Raphael continued to oil her groin before making his way down the front side of her legs.

Next, the make-up artist was instructed to do Bella’s face.

Bella walked to the chair, feeling every man in that trailer staring at her with each step.

“Keep the make-up light Gerardo, we will let her natural beauty do the talking.”

Gerardo applied a light layer of foundation to hide any micro blemishes on Bella’s seemingly already flawless ivory skin.

He then went on to applied a layer of black eyeliner on Bella’s top and bottom eyelids. A light layer of dark green eye shadow was applied to accentuate her striking green eyes. Bold bright red lipstick was then put on her, accentuating her full lips.

Gerardo finished by straightening her voluminous brown hair.

As he finished, Bella heard the trailer come to a stop.

Bella looked in the mirror. She looked striking. Her make-up had never been so masterfully put on. Every curve of her body was accentuated by the oil applied earlier.

She smiled. She was ready to rock this suit.

Raphael handed her a silky pink robe.

Bella looked a bit confused as she asked “But what do I wear under this?”

Angelo asked “What do you mean dear?”

“What wardrobe do I wear for the shoot?” she replied

The group of men laughed before Angelo replied “Bella you silly girl. Why would you do yourself the disservice of covering that perfect body up with any fabric?”

Bella looked puzzled. Of course she had thought that she would be showing some skin for this sexy photoshoot. But she was expecting for it to be more like a lingerie or swimsuit type of photoshoot then one where she would be completely nude!

She pondered. If Jon had only told her it would be a nude photoshoot, she would likely have refused. Although admittedly, the thought of being shot nude did turn her on, she did come from a conservative family. Her parents would disown her if they found any of the pictures!

“Oh I don’t know if I can do this Angelo. I didn’t know they would be naked pictures.”

Angelo replied “Please Bella. We have arrived at the site. We have dedicated all of this time and effort into making you look perfect for this shoot!”

He said with a hint of anger. Bella was stunned. She would feel terrible disappointing Angelo, and more importantly Jon!

Angelo continued “Let’s take you to the site. We will take some modest pictures, nothing hard core. And then you can decide whether to keep them or not.”
Angelo commanded her rather than asking.

Bella replied “Umm ok I guess that’s ok.”

She took the robe from Raphael and tied it around herself. The robe seemed like it was made for a child. It barely covered her ass. She had to tie it tightly and it still left plenty of her cleavage revealed.

“Excellent, now let’s get started” Angelo said as he opened the door of the trailer.

The crew led Bella outside of the trailer. Bella realized they had arrived in a wooded area, which was actually a hiking destination she used to do with her family when they were younger.

She walked with Angelo, Raphael and Gerardo. The two other men lagged behind as they carried their cameras and lighting props.

Two young men came around the corner. They were out or a jog. Their eyes almost popped out of their head as they saw the scantily clad Bella walking in their direction, surrounded by a group of old Italian men.

Bella felt awkward and looked down towards the ground.

The young men mesmerized as Bella’s breasts almost bounced out of her robe with each step.

She heard them laugh as they finally passed.

Angelo said “I think the reaction of those two men is a testament the job we’ve done” as he patted his assistants on the back.

They led Bella down a trail which led to a secluded lake. The scantily clad Bella caught the attention of a group of teens who had gathered to smoke weed in the trail.

“Oh shit man look at that slut.” One of them said out loud

Normally Bella would shoot glares at these punks, but she knew she was dressed like a total slut.

“Hey baby ditch the old men and give us a turn!” one of them yelled.

The group of Italian men simply laughed. Bella was humiliated. She simply kept her head down and followed the men. The teens admired her ass as she walked by them as it swayed side to side, barely covered by the short robe.

“Look at that fucking ass dude.” One of them said in shocked

Thankfully Bella was led out of range of the boys.

The group reached the water. There were a few older men whose attention they had drawn. Luckily they walked a little further around the water edge until they reached a secluded area that Bella had never seen before.

The scene was beautiful. There was a small area of beach like sand overlooking the lake water. The area was surrounded by natural rock wall and large evergreen trees.

The camera men got into position around her. They signaled to Angelo that the lighting was good.

“Ok my dear. Time to shine, get fully naked.”

Bella reluctantly took her robe off and handed it to the smiling Rafael. She stepped out of her slippers. He took them and tossed them to the side.

Part of Bella felt embarrassed being naked like this. But she had to admit, being naked in the wild was giving her a thrill like she hadn’t felt before.

She heard the cameras start clicking away.

“Bella don’t feel the need to pose. Just walk around naturally, get comfortable.”

Bella started walking along the sand near the water; feeling the soft wet sand beneath her feet.

One camera was getting shots of her ass swaying from behind, the other from the front. Bella looked out at the water and felt the water hit her toes.
The sensation soothed her. She started to embrace her nudity. All the while, she was excited that all these men were looking at her, trying to capture her beauty. She was even more excited about the possibility that anybody could be looking at her right now.

Meanwhile the group of teen stoners had decided that Bella was too sexy just to let pass by. They followed the camera crew to the secluded area. They hid amongst the trees overlooking the area.

They were in shock looking at this naked beauty before them. They had never seen a girl like this even in porn. They sat in silence now; gone were the wise remarks. Each one was rock hard and waiting to see what happened next.

Bella sat down on the sand; letting her ass cheeks sink into the ground. She leaned back, bracing herself with her arms as she over looked the water.
Pictures were taken from all angles.

Bella looked back at the camera. Angelo smiled at her; she was doing great.

Next she rolled around in the sand and got on all fours as she looked back at the men. Her big breasts hung from her chest so that her nipples touched the sand. She stuck her ass into the air as the camera’s clicked away.

Bella smiled as she saw movement in the trees above. She realized that they had company. She was so turned on now by her display of exhibitionism that she didn’t even care.

She stuck her ass up even higher by arching her back. She imagined being a tigress ready to strike. She crawled forward on all fours towards Angelo and Rafael; making sure to keep her ass up high.

She rolled in the sand in front of them. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the teens watching from above had all started to masturbate to her. This was driving her crazy.

She lied on her back and grabbed her breasts in each hand. She arched her back and squeezed her breasts together; making for great pictures.

She brought her right breast to her mouth and started licking her nipple. She noticed now that even Angelo, Rafael and Gerrardo had erections. She got up walked past them.

Bella was so horny. The thrill of exhibitionism was taking over. She instinctively took a finger and started sliding it in and out of her pussy. She moaned loudly. She was in a world of her own now as she started rolling around in the sand. She slipped another finger in and started rubbing her G-spot.

She moaned louder. She started to make her way closer to the water. The wet sand stuck to her, making parts of her body muddy.
All the while the camera men were making sure they captured every second of this.

As she felt the cool water hit her body, this added increased stimulus. She moaned loudly as she rubbed away at her G spot. She felt a familiar feeling come over her as she masturbated.

Bella’s body began to tense and arch up. She moaned loud as she started squirting with orgasm.

She lied limp in the sand and enjoyed the moment. That was so hot for her. Even though she just came however, she was hornier than ever. She wanted a man’s touch.

Luckily she had a slew of men to choose from. She got up; her body was covered in sand and mud.

She smiled at the group of men- She noticed that the photographers had even stopped clicking pictures. In the distance she could see the teens masturbating ferociously.

“Well boys, I hope you got enough for your photoshoot.” She smirked

The men dumbly nodded. Even the consummately cool Angelo was dumbstruck by the performance she had put on. She could see that Rafael had a raging boner. Whereas before she was disgusted by the small creep, now it turned her on to see how aroused he was. She decided to reward him.

“Rafael, dear, can you come over here and help get all of this mud off of me?”

Rafael scurried over like a trained dog. He started rubbing the sand timidly off of Bella’s stomach.

Bella needed more. She took his small wrists in her hands. She looked Rafael in the eye and smiled as she placed his hands directly on her big breasts. Rafael was in shock. He started to squeeze her breasts.

Bella moaned in approval. She looked up at Gerrardo.

“I think he needs help with my ass Gerrardo.”

Gerrardo ran over and placed his hands aggressively on Bella’s juicy ass cheeks.

The two men walked Bella closer to the water. The three were now ankle deep in lake water.

Gerrardo dipped his hand in the water and started cleaning Bella’s ass cheek with it. He watched as some of the mud started to clear, revealing Bella’s ivory skin.

Rafael followed suit. He started lathering Bella’s breasts with the cold water. This made her nipples even more erect.

Bella’s body started to writhe. She loved the feel of men groping her tits and ass. As well as the cool sensation of water on her bare skin.

Angelo liked what he saw. He noticed an opportunity. He instructed his cameramen to start another photoshoot. The men got in position and started taking shots.

With that, Angelo made his way over to Bella.

She saw him. In a daze she said “My pussy needs some cleaning.”

Angelo knelt and started rubbing her pubic area with water. He teased her by rubbing her above her pussy, as well as her inner groin.

Bella moaned in anticipation. Her entire body was now feeling wet with the lake water dripping all over it.

With Bella’s ass cheeks now clean, Gerrardo wet his finger again and split her cheeks. He started sliding his finger up and down the crease of Bella’s ass. She moaned. She always love anal stimulation.

The ivory color of Bella’s breasts had now returned. Rafael didn’t hesitate as he put her clean right breast into his mouth. He started sucking her nipple like a madman. His right hand continued to grope her other breast. His left hand stroked the small of her back; pulling her into him.

Down low, Angelo started sliding two fingers into Bella’s pussy. Her teen pussy was so tight; he couldn’t believe it!

Bella moaned loudly as his finger started to stimulate her G-spot.

Gerrardo couldn’t resist Bella’s butt anymore. In all his life, the experienced Italian man had never seen an ass which was so juicy yet so perky. He needed to have more. He got on his knees and pushed his face into her ass. He took a deep whiff of her ass and then started circling her ass hole with his tongue.
Bella gasped in pleasure. She felt Gerrardo’s long tongue enter her asshole. She instinctively put her hand on the back of his head and backed her ass up into him. He started sliding his hands up and down the inside of her thighs.

Angelo followed suit. He licked Bella’s pussy lips sensually; causing Bella to shudder in pleasure. Bella took her other hand and pushed Angelo’s face into her pussy; signifying to him that she wanted his tongue in her. He didn’t make her wait.

Bella started squirming in pleasure. The feeling of three tongues on her and in her was too much. She also loved how the three men had their hands all over her. She felt like the ultimate object of desire. The physical and mental stimulation was too much. Her body started to spasm as she had her second orgasm of the day. She started to squirt over Angelo’s face. He greedily licked her juices and smiled.

Bella almost collapsed but the three men held her up as they continued their oral assault.

As Bella slowly regained her composure she whispered “I need cock.”

The men smiled. They knew what to do.

Angelo lied in the water and pulled Bella’s naked body on top of him. Bella, seemingly getting hornier after each orgasm, hastily pulled his pants off. She licked her lips as she saw a thick 8 inch cock revealed. She climbed on him and moaned and took the entirety of his cock in her vagina.

She arched her back causing her ass to look up at Gerrardo. She looked back at him.

Gerrardo dropped his pants and revealed a thinner but equally long cock. He knelt down and placed the tip of his cock slowly into Bella’s asshole. The way she had her body arched had made for a perfect angle of entry into her rectum. He slowly entered each inch of his cock into her. Bella moaned loudly as the two men had their big cocks were in her at the same time. She could feel the pressure of each cock in her cavity pressing against the other.

She looked in front of her. Rafael had quickly dropped his pants. He revealed a thinner 4 or 5 inch cock. Bella didn’t care. She wanted all of the cock that she could get.

She instinctively grabbed it and put the length of it in her mouth. She started moving her hips in unison. She had never experienced a sensation like this. Each thrust down towards Angelo caused her g-spot to be more stimulated, each thrust back up towards Gerrardo caused his cock to further stimulate her rectum.
Bella was in ecstasy. She enthusiastically started bobbing her head up and down Rafael’s shaft; making sure to lick the head of his penis.

The three men couldn’t believe how Bella was able to have such control over her body. They were all standing still and were enjoying the fuck of their lives. This young teen truly was a sex machine!

Bella moaned loudly as she was now in full rhythm. She felt her body spasm once more as she quickly had another intense orgasm. She started to thrust her hips in a faster rhythm.

Gerrardo and Angelo couldn’t take it anymore. The sexy teen’s moans and feeling her body spasm only added to the sensation. Bella started to feel the cocks in her ass and pussy spasm. She moaned loudly as she was filled with cum in both of her holes.

She now focused on Rafael’s cock in front of her. Once again she grabbed Rafael’s wrists and put them on her big breasts. Rafael started groping away. Bella started to circle the head of his cock with her tongue. The sensation was too much for Rafael.

Bella started to feel him cum. She took his cock out of her mouth and placed it on her breasts. Rafael sprayed a big load of cum all over her big tits.
She smiled as she got up and looked at one of the cameras. She took each breast to her mouth one by one and started licking the cum off of them.

She looked at the three men and smiled. The old men were all out of breath. They had just received the best service of their lived. Bella looked up at the teen in the trees. There seemed to be even more of them. They watched intently. Bella figured they must have called some of their friends to come see the show.
Bella looked back at the old men “Come on boys lets go. I have to work tonight” she smiled.

The men dreamily followed the naked teen back through the trail. Bella didn’t bother to wear any clothes. Being naked in public was too thrilling to ignore. Bella’s attitude was in stark contrast to when she was wearing the robe through the forest before the photoshoot.

She walked confidently with her chest thrust out and her head looking directly ahead. She led the pack. She walked past the dozens of teen boys who were hiding in the hills.

They were speechless. Their eyes glued to her bouncing tits and ass. Most were still erect despite masturbating to her performance moments ago.
Bella smiled as she walked past them.

“If you like what you see boys, check me out at Jonny’s Angels tonight. Just make sure to bring all of the money you have because this ass isn’t cheap!” she laughed as she playfully slapped her ass

She knew what she was. When she was horny, she was nothing but a whore. But she liked it. Instead of being ashamed of it, she was now embracing it.
Bella climbed into the trailer. She elected to stay naked. All eyes were still glued to her; just that way she liked it.

She walked over to the two cameramen “Don’t I forgot about you two. You two need to be rewarded for all the hard work you put in today.” She started rubbing their cocks through their pants.

She turned back to the three older men.

“Feel free to join if you geezers are ready.”