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I'm Not A Sex Robot!

2023-01-24 00:08:55

If Mindy knew she would have to take her clothes off before entering the 3D scanner during a school field trip at the science museum, she wouldn’t have volunteered for this “fun” learning experience. And if she knew it would ruin her entire life, she would have at least refused to sign the waiver hastily shoved in her face to take advantage of how desperate she was to put her clothes back on. She scribbled her name with one hand and did her best to cover the spill of nude breasts with the other.

Sure, she smiled as the class laughed watching her skateboard on a giant screen even though she had never stepped on one before. The regret came weeks later, when a pleasure robot designed with her scan, an exact replica of herself, became the biggest-selling model in the entire world. Her baby face, short stature, slim physique, and D-cup breasts had everyone fall in love with the Rape Me Mindy bot. It was programmed to resist and cry but to be easily overpowered, kind of like her, too.

Mindy was listening to music at a high volume on her bed to drown out the next-room moans and cries produced by a perfect copy of her vocal cords, though it wasn’t enough to block the shaking from her silicon body being slammed against the common wall. Her jerk brother, who denies the incestuous similarities of sister and doll to this day, had asked for a Rape Me Mindy bot for his birthday and had been voiding her warranty every waking moment since.

Whenever Mindy and her brother passed each other in the hallway, there was always a moment of hesitation, a brief flash of anger and confusion on her brother’s face as he wondered who the hell put clothes on his sexbot. Thankfully, his copy was covered in bruises, thus easy to identify.

Outside the house, Mindy’s peaceful neighborhood was a minefield of mistaken identity. Almost everyone had seen her naked, and many more than one might think knew exactly how it felt to slide a dick in each of her holes. Heads turned everywhere she went. What is that sex doll doing walking around? they all thought, many of them out loud. And why would they think otherwise? There were 50 million of them and only one of her.

There was no explaining the situation either; claiming sentience, yelling for help, weakly trying to fight off her rapists... those were typical Rape Me Mindy behaviors.

“Mindy!” her mom had been calling her name for who knows how long and sounded mad, as usual. Somehow, her son being a perverted dropout was Mindy’s fault. The woman’s takeaway from this whole situation was that her daughter should have asked for money before signing the release.

The most famous girl on the planet took off her headphones and was immediately reminded why she had them on. “Stop, big brother, please. Not in my butt. It hurts so much!” The other Mindy’s voice resonated through the wall she was pinned against and anally violated against from the sound of it. The big brother angle was one of the settings. She could call you daddy, master, sir, teacher… whatever you wanted.

“I need you to get some milk at the store,” her mom said, ignoring the clear whimpers of her robot daughter next door.

“Mom, you know I can’t go out there. They think I’m a robot!”

“Then don’t act like a robot. And go get milk.” And that was that.

Mindy had almost made it back home without a major incident (people groping her breasts and ass was just a part of the grocery shopping experience) when a minivan slowed down to match her walking pace. She might have been able to outrun the man who came out, but the milk had been such a hassle to get, the thought of dropping it did not even cross her mind.

“I’m not a sex robot, I’m a real girl. They scanned my body...” Classic Rape Me Mindy.

Her explanations became more incoherent every passing day in this man’s basement, enduring a kind of abuse reserved for robots who only process pain as 1s and 0s. She really did start sounding like her homunculus: “Please… Sir… not in my butt.”

Mindy was eating plenty of cum, and drinking enough piss, but what really separated her needs from that of a robot was sleep. The man always had friends over for a gangbang when he was not smashing her ‘tighter than the last model’ pussy and asshole himself. The once sharp pain of penetration was dull and constant after a few months of being tossed around like a doll and kept from getting any rest. If they ever took a break, it was to hose her clean in icy cold water because why would a robot care about water temperature?

Her brain allowed her some rest by passing out during the time it took for a cock to exit her ass then penetrate her mouth for a tongue bath. In one of those five-second breaks, her mother’s last words came to her: “Then don’t act like a robot.”

That’s it!

With all the energy she had left, Mindy moaned. Not her usual moans of discomfort and ache, a moan of pure pleasure accompanied by a believable “yes…” then a “more…” and she even dared a “deeper…”

The men were puzzled. They concluded that they had unlocked a secret personality. Mindy’s plan backfired as her assailants reveled in the change of humor, but she kept at it because it was the only plan she had. “Fuck me harder,” she begged through clenched teeth while pretending her grimace while getting her titties twisted was one of orgasm and not pain.

A few months later the tide began to turn. One of the men asked “hey, do we know how to put back the old setting?” and Mindy knew it was only a matter of time now.

“Ohh, ohhh I’m cumming, don’t stop.”

A few weeks after that, there were talks of her being defective. “Your cum is so delicious, daddy.” And a few days after that, the white van man’s friends came over every couple of days instead of every day. “Fuck me deep, I want your baby.”

And finally, almost a year after she was abducted, the gang all pitched in to buy a new Rape Me Mindy that wouldn’t act so weird. The real Mindy watched that machine beg for her life and smiled at the irony of this thing being a more convincing victim than she was. She made her move once they were all distracted by her clone’s holes and trekked the city naked for hours until she found a street she remembered and followed it back to her old neighborhood.

Many horny hobos later, she crossed the threshold of her house, covered in bruises and frostbite, dreaming of a hot bath and a good night’s sleep.

“There you are! I thought you died.” Her brother appeared from the darkness, blocking her way. He looked almost as dirty as she did.

“I don’t want to talk about it right now,” Mindy said, trying to duck under his arm.

“Maybe you rebooted while in the trash? That’s awesome!” Mindy’s brother grabbed her by the neck and dragged her down the hallway. “Let’s wash you first, you smell like shit.”

“What? No, I’m the real Mindy! I’m not your stupid doll…” she immediately realized the pointlessness and tried her reverse psychology again. “Fist my ass, brother, please. Make me cum.”

Her brother obliged. He didn’t care if his sexbot was wonky since the reboot. He didn’t have the money to buy a new one anyway.

“Your holes are so tight, I can barely fit my whole fist up your pussy. Must be the factory settings.”

The flow of warm water on her chest felt so nice that Mindy almost didn’t mind getting her pipes cleaned by her brother’s soapy fists from behind. But when he turned her around to thoroughly clean her breasts while his erection poked her belly button and started praising how much softer her boobs had gotten and how much deeper his fingers could sink into the flesh, Mindy’s revulsion concretized in a much better idea than her last.

“Your name is Mike. Mom’s name is Mary. You had a crush on my friend Jennifer years ago because you couldn’t get any girls your own age. I’m your real sister, dumbass. Did you even notice I was gone? Too busy fucking a girl that looks like me until she broke down.”

When Mindy had first been introduced to the shower head, she had been in too much of an unwinding trance to hear her brother’s phone conversation behind the wall of rushing water as he was getting undressed to follow her in. It went a little something like this: “Yeah, no, she’s working again. The party is back on. She was in the garbage but I’m about to give her a deep cleanse, don’t worry. Yeah, inside and out. See you at eight.”

“Did you hear what I said?!” Mindy was staring at her brother’s hands, still glued in her tits.

“Yeah, yeah, you’re my real sister. My doll didn’t miraculously fix herself after we stuffed two baseball bats up her butt. It’s just...”

Mindy was very concerned that her brother was back to giving her large breasts a soapy deep-pore massage despite what he had just learned, his hard erection poking her belly button harder than ever.

“The problem is... I’ve been organizing these fuck parties for a while, and they’re really popular. And they’re making me popular. I had canceled but just told Devin it was back on and he probably already told everyone.”

“Well, it’s canceled again. Sucks to be you. I’ve been raped non-stop for an entire year. When you’re done fondling me like a creep, I’m crawling in bed and sleeping for like a month.”

“Come on, Mindy. Just this one time, then I’ll say it’s broken for good. If you’ve been raped non-stop for a year, what’s one more evening.”

“I said no! And I’m clean already.”

“I don’t want to be an asshole about this,” Mike said with a tighter grip on her slippery tits. “But everyone including mom thinks you ran away because you didn’t want to do your chores. So, if I tell them you’re my Rape Me Mindy doll, they’ll believe me.”

If Mindy had the strength to lift her arms, she would have punched her brother across the face. “That’s really evil, even for you. Mom will know who I am.”

“Will she, though? Let’s bet.”

Even a well-rested, well-fed Mindy wouldn’t have had the energy to fight off her brother as he carried her wet, naked body into his bedroom. Hearing his bed creak all day from the adjacent room was a completely different experience than being in there with him, crushed under his weight. But at least she was in a bed. As far as rapes went, she was OK with trading incest trauma for a little bit of comfort.

Unfortunately, the long-awaited nap had to wait. Mike fucked his sister with the same intensity and disregard as he would with his usual sex toy for hours on end, right up to the sound of the doorbell’s ring. He scrambled for a towel to catch and clean the flood of cum oozing out of Mindy’s sore holes then rushed downstairs to welcome the loud frat boys.

“There she is!” A complete stranger to Mindy entered her brother’s bedroom, slapping a baseball bat against his palm just as she dozed off from finally being alone and unmolested in bed. “I’m ready to wreck this little bitch all over again. Wait, is she dead again?”

“She’s fine. You just have to do this from time to time.”

“Ow...” Mindy rudely awoke from her five-second nap with a slap to the cheek from her brother’s hand.

“This is probably her last party, though. For real this time,” Mike added as if honoring his forced promise made him a good person. “And maybe we can stick to only one baseball bat this time, seeing how we must have rattled something loose inside when we did with two...”

Most of these guys had Rape Me Mindy dolls at home but felt less guilty about physically abusing them beyond their limit in a weekly party setting. Mike, immature as he was, was so starved for attention that he had volunteered his doll for these violent delights. After her unfortunate kidnapping, flesh-and-blood Mindy was worn out enough to pass for Mike’s old broken-down cum rag.

“Why are you worried about this piece of trash?” Devin said of the naked girl crashing on Mike’s bed. “Look how broken she is, dude. She doesn’t even have the battery power to beg for her life. Once we tear this one apart, I’ll get my dad to buy you a new Mindy.” Devin took a few practice thrusts of his bat, thicker side first.

“You mean... for me to keep?”

“Yeah sure. They’re like five hundred bucks now right? Even cheaper when you buy them in bulk. I don’t even get mine repaired when I choke them to death. I just get my dad to buy me a new one.”

Mindy’s brother figured it was in everyone’s best interest that he got a brand-new Rape Me Mindy doll. The dick-sucking had apparently improved a lot on this year’s model. And his Don’t Rape Me Mindy would be off the hook for all future sex parties. “OK, well... do your worse then, I guess.”

Mindy was used to rape. She was even used to gang-rape. But nobody had ever actively tried to break her before. Half-a-dozen boys wanted to feel what a Rape Me Mindy doll was made of deep inside those holes. Her limbs were contorted at ligament-stretching angles while two male arms were digging inside her cunt up to the elbow. There were three baseball bats up her ass and a fourth one being hammered in the middle, stretching her anus to a dangerous new diameter.

She had a dozen new ideas to trick those simple-minded cavemen into letting her go, but they all involved the use of her voice, and that Devin guy got his rocks off by choking her with both hands while his friends explored her internal structure. Mindy’s words, when she managed one or two, couldn’t be anything but a whispered ‘no’ or ‘please’. How very Rape Me Mindy of her.

“I didn’t know you could go so deep in there. It’s like they have a whole fake womb behind the fake cervix,” said one of the boys exploring the depths of Mindy’s reproductive system.

“Err... yeah maybe you shouldn’t play too deep in there.” Mindy’s brother was trying his best to keep the uterine damage to a minimum without sounding too much like a weenie. “Might be important err... components.”

“I told you I’m getting you a new one,” Devin said from behind Mindy’s limp head. He was still wringing her neck like an empty toothpaste tube. “Make some space in that cunt, I want to feel it too.”

Mindy’s unsupported head fell back and her throat didn’t cooperate when she tried to express the discomfort of three arms and four bats in one scream.

“Oh yeah, it is amazing. I was always afraid to stick my fingers past that tiny opening in case there were gears or a power supply in there. But it’s just another way to make her go crazy.”

“I think she finally powered down for good,” said a random rapist.

Mindy was foaming at the mouth, eyes rolled deep in the back of her head. Slaps were not having any effect.

“Try twisting her nipple. That’s what I do when mine looks dead. Doesn’t always work but...” Devin clamped the tip of one of Mindy’s bells between his thumb and the side of his index. It was one of those times when it did work. Mindy gasped in pain and resumed her squirming around the bats and arms in her guts for the boys’ enjoyment.

Satisfied with his spelunking, Devin extracted his lubricated arm from Mindy’s womb and gave his cunt space to another boy. He immediately went back to his favorite pastime: choking a bitch.

“Oh hey, you’re back. I was starting to get worried that they went a little too far there.”

They?! Mindy thought. If I recall, you’re the one who shoved the second bat all the way to the handle up my butt. The comfort of a bed had lost a lot of its appeal since it was on that same bed that she had endured the worst gang rape of her life, despite being a gang rape expert. But at least, lopsided bargain fulfilled, she could go back to being a regular girl until the next time her mother asked her to get milk.

“H...” She tried to speak. The rest of the sentence would have been something like “...elp me pull those bats out of my ass with more care than when they were shoved in,” but the expelled air didn’t have a particular tone. Mindy tried again, then clutched at her finger-streaked throat.

“You can’t speak?” her brother asked with an almost invisible hint of a mischievous smile. “Interesting.”

Mindy shook her head, panic in her eyes. Interesting was not one of the words she would have used for this terrifying experience.

“Because the only way you convinced me you were really my sister was by saying things you shouldn’t know. So... if you can’t say things you shouldn’t know anymore or be annoying in general, what’s the difference, really, between Mindy and Rape Me Mindy?”

Mindy grabbed her chest and brushed her arm to remind her brother what he had said about the unmatched squishiness of her breasts and the softness of her skin.

Mike took this occasion to fondle his sister’s breasts inquisitively for several minutes. “I’m not convinced. Maybe you’re not the Mindy I trashed but you could still be one of the new models that wandered in the house. Maybe the new AI makes them more... convincing. Everyone knows I had a crush on Jessica. Maybe your memories were scanned too.”

Mindy gave the bedroom door a side glance. She was so exhausted it might as well be a mile away. And who was on the other side? Her mother? Mike warned her she would lose that bet and without being able to speak, he was probably right.

“I think I’m going to keep you until Devin gives me the new one. Then I’ll be able to better compare.”

“...” That was Mindy trying to say ‘You lying piece of shit. You have got to be kidding me.’

Other than taking the abuse silently, Mindy was the perfect replacement for her brother’s sex doll. Without ever taking his hands from her breasts, Mike humped her ass like a horny rabbit the entire week of waiting for a replacement. But being the sex doll of someone only pretending not to know you’re a real girl has notable perks. Mindy was given scraps of real food, and, though disturbingly erotic, the occasional showers were warm and soothing.

How long would it take for the Rape Me Mindy fad to blow over? How long until she could take a walk without getting snatched? A decade? Until then... better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Suffering her brother’s incessant rectal thrusts and listening to his creepy grunts we probably better than any life she could try to live out there.

The doorbell gave Mindy a spine-tingling shiver from under her humping brother’s sweaty body. At least it was the poor robot’s turn to get stretched and choked.

“Oh, the boys are back. I hope Devin brought my new doll.” Mike was shoving tissues up his sister’s gaping hole as he talked. “Listen, I’d like to be able to break her in before they break her in if you know what I mean. So I’m going to swap you guys while they’re still downstairs, OK?”

Mindy didn’t really understand who was getting swapped. Surely her brother wasn’t suggesting a repeat of her near-death experience just to save the 3D-printed virginity of his new toy.

“It’s just this one time. I don’t think it matters that you can’t talk because knowing Devin, he’ll have his hands around your neck the second he comes in. I’ll tell them not to go above two bats. Like, three at most.”