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Karla 3 - Anonymous Doll

2022-10-10 00:05:18

====Know the Special Room designed to breakdown Karla and transform her in a "never go back" Lesbian Slave and FuckSow, where she is trained to receive her Mistress and her friends, all focused to humiliate and degrade Karla. ENJOY======================

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Karla's Brainwashing Room 3 - Anonymous Doll

I almost can’t remember my name is Karla, or is it not? I’m bombarded 24/7 in this brainwashing room with images of lesbians in any way and form you can imagine. The walls covered with photos of lesbians any age, any costumes, naked, from romantic to BDSM perversions; the big TV screens with 24/7 of girls abusing girls, milfs, older women with teens, schoolteachers and their lesbian pupils. Everything.

I live in a physical and mental fog of perpetual and intense lesbianism and I’m nothing but a slave. A lesbian fuck sow fattened for sacrifice?.

This time I was looking at a screen where a particularly perverse scene of incest was running. A mommy was brutally fucking, in BDSM style, her own beautiful daughter in school uniform, recently arrived from school… and she was wondering if she could pimp her own daughter to the lesbian teachers after class and in her own home dungeon. The daughter girl was drooling with a gag ball in mouth and looking absolutely submissive to her Mommy (For Mommy loves me indeed, she thought!).

Suddenly, the door of my Brainwash Room opened and a girl almost my age went inside. Obviously, she was afraid of being heard and discovered, so she said nothing to me. She dressed sport pants and tennis, she approached me, naked, sitting in bed, almost gone mentally. She pushed me up to be standing, and, looking straight into my eyes, she kissed me, a long kiss.

This was like a first kiss she gave to another girl: hurried, a bit clumsy, insecure. Like she was kissing for the first time her best female friend, showing her bestie she was in deep love, finally showing she was a lesbian and the profound love she was feeling. Exposing her as absolutely vulnerable in a single kiss fearing rejection wishing acceptance.

I felt very strange. As if the fog vanished a bit and I could remember something of my old life, and I felt I knew this girl somehow. I felt old emotions of freedom when I searched for girls instead of being a fucksow, a slave. Funny, I felt something old, as far in my recent past of my new life allowed. Is it her innocent, first love and full understanding? Is it my own too?

She murmured in a hurry: Be strong, please be strong. Endure! We both, she and I are working hard to take you.

When I heard her voice, coming from my absolute turmoil of feelings, I babbled to her: Erin? Erin?

Suddenly, the lights went on and the screens changed to an empty room. Erin jumped and rushed to the door and looked outside. Then turned to see me. She looked at me as no one has done in my life until then: such longing for me, such lovely tenderness for me, such deep fresh and young and new love for me. And she closed the door and was gone.

I laid down in the bed and closed my eyes savoring this old and new and strange feeling: Is this how it feels to be loved, with a single kiss?

When I opened again my eyes I didn't know where I was. White walls on the sides and a white floor. In front of me was a bed all in white and with mirrors on the sides, on the headboard and on the ceiling, almost a glass box. I was a few meters from the bed, sitting up. And suddenly my pains told me that something was different.

I was almost completely naked, I could see but there was something flexible but immovable glued to my face and I couldn't open my mouth or speak. It was a slight discomfort on my face, as if it was covered with plasticine like something moldable that had hardened. I had tape stuck to my mouth, which was stuck by a soft cloth.

But the strong pains were in two places. One was in my arms, which was behind my back. I moved them together with my hands and began to understand. My arms were encased in a kind of strong leather gloves that impeded my movements. They went from my fingers to my armpits, wrapping all my arms... but my wrists were firmly handcuffed without cutting off circulation, but the breaking point was in my elbows and shoulders, which had leather belts closed to the maximum. }

My elbows were as close together as they could go and my shoulders were pushed back as far as they could go and I was in constant pain. Having my shoulders thrown back, my breasts stood out completely as the most noticeable part of my body. It was evident that they were fanned out, which gave the impression of magnifying them, of being offered.

Those were terrible pains, but the most excruciating not only because of the intensity but because it was present all the time is the one I have in my feet. On the tops of my feet. I lowered my head a little and saw that my feet were encased in two ballet shoes, not knee-high boots but booties, perfectly new in hard leather. My insteps were not normal but they were a STRAIGHT LINE as if they had a ruler inside that could not be bent and my toes and especially my nails seemed like crashing, as if a ballet dancer had her feet like this but for hours. My feet, my insteps and my fingers were in constant pain, which did not decrease or increase but was there All the Time, as if to drive me crazy.

And that's when I raised my head again and saw myself for the first time in the mirror at the head of the bed. What I had glued to my face was a doll's face, a toy doll's, one of the old porcelain ones, very beautiful, delicate and with an evidently submissive smile, all very realistic with caged eyes, but I could see by her pupils and breathe through the nose. A life-size doll face because it covered my entire face up to my neck. It wasn't me anymore, it was something else, like a life-size doll, naked, tortured by a sadistic girl.

She was sitting on a white chair. Behind me was a hallway that was all white and had the lights off at the end. This is how things were where I am living at the moment when someone entered, very unexpected for me because of what happened. I hear in the background, behind me heels and more heels and through the front mirror I see two female figures coming down the hall and my heart skips a beat, I almost fainted when I recognized them: Amy and Marylou, Marylou and Amy, my two Mistresses and Ladies.

They come to me naked, holding hands, laughing with each other as if they were in a park or eating ice cream. Both wear high heels, with a thin point that look more like a knive, which resonate with all their power on the floor. No one else can walk like them. Marylou is wearing sparkly red stockings that match her blood red shoes; Amy brings her smoke stocking suit with her black shoes. They stand behind me and then, little by little, they move to the front. They talk as if I weren't there, as if I wasn't alive.

Look Marylou, someone forgot this thing here. What will it be?

Maybe it's a gift or something, or maybe it's so little that they just forgot here, said Marylou.

It must be a useless doll, a broken doll that no longer works, decomposed, garbage of this world.

Yes, look Mommy Mistress, answered Marylou. She has the face of a doll, one of the old ones, although she is in good condition and she is beautiful, but you can see that she is useless.

I begin to move, to writhe, to yell at them that it's me, Karla, her unconditional slave. It's me, it's me Karla!

Do you hear something, Marylou?

You can't understand anything, her voice must be broken. I told you it's useless, it's a piece of shitty something. Pity her lovely face, said Marylou.

And of breasts, look how they are pushed out, noticed Mistress Amy.

Marylou smiled. She must have been a slutty doll, offered, throwing her boobs in everyone's face, shit for sure.

I wonder if she ever spoke, if she even walked.

I don't care, it distracts us from what we come from, said Marylou contemptuously.

Yes, Marylou, you come to please your Mommy Mistress Amy in bed, here as visitors in this Great Lesbian Lodge. Good place.

They both turn their backs on me, walk together a little and lie down on the bed and while I watch them go to bed I keep yelling at them that it's me, Karla, their most submissive, but you can only hear how my throat gets hoarse until it's barely audible. The two go to bed and, in agreement, they turn to see me and smile.

Poor waste, little doll that nobody wants, let that piece of plastic be here for a while. Overall, it's just garbage, said Mistress Amy.

Saying that, I watch as Amy hugs Marylou greedily, possessively, and I watch as Marylou offers herself to her. She shows her body all available. Amy grabs her face and gives her a hard, dirty, possessive, absorbing, drooling kiss, with a penetrating tongue while Marylou lets her soul escape from her in that kiss to prostrate her before her Mistress.

I howled in pain, in humiliation, I am a deceived slave whom her two Mistresses ignore as if I did not exist, as if I had never served their bodies. Amy kiss perversely, like a vampire who sucks the soul of her victim who also wants to be destroyed. Amy's hands slide down Marylou's body, wickedly sticky, clinging to Marylou's yielding skin.

It is a nauseating picture of power and submission, of sadism and bondage, that makes me tremble with excitement and starts to make my pussy wet. I want them both to do the same to me, to possess my flesh and mind, to enter me and strip me down to a dirty rag kicked in the street until it ends up in the sewer, in the most obscene of drains. I want them to torture my body.

I can't stand seeing them fuck each other like this while ignoring me like I don't even exist. I see them in the dirtiest of intimacies, while Amy's fingers are inserted between Marylou's buttocks and enter her anus without mercy and a gesture of pain lights up Marylou's face mixed with her pleasure.

Not only I’m not with them, not only I can’t serve them as the most abject of slaves, not only they don’t torture my body... They ignore me, I am nothing to them, just a lump, a piece of meat without a name.

Now Amy's fingers pierce Marylou's pussy, hard, strong, merciless, and Marylou opens her mouth in a scream of silence and ecstasy, which has no sound but I hear it scream with my eyes and I cry because they ignore me, because they humiliate like few times in my life before. I burn in my desire, in my hunger for pain that can destroy me, but I am reduced to a stupid bundle that does not exist.

Marylou responds and her arms spread Amy's legs and, lowering her head, she licks and worships Amy's pussy as if it emanates the very life that drives Marylou: long licks, deep sucking, clitoral worship with her tongue, while Amy lets herself be done by her slave and so called daughter.

I'm all mixed up, jealousy, envy, humiliation, crying, deaf howls, confusion and a lot of shame.

The fingers of one of Amy's hands enter Marylou's pussy like pistons, faster and faster as I desperately watch as my Marylou begins to cum with her eyes almost blank and when she is in the middle of her cum, Amy slaps her hard in the face. the cheeks with all their strength, and Marylou is in heaven and I am in my abandoned hell. They rest and I notice how Marylou looks at me while Amy has her eyes closed and her head on her chest.

Marylou, daughter, wake up, it's time for you to wake up.

Mommy, mommy, are we leaving?

No, my dearest girl, not yet, answers Amy.

My heart bursts into a thousand pieces. They play at being mother and daughter in a supposed lesbian incest. My blood boils in my veins because none of them ever played at being my mommy and that I was their spoiled small daughter, who must be punished with iron and savage discipline after at school the little daughter tried to seduce the teacher more pretty at school, but she turned out to be hetero-flexible, flexible with other more corrupt students.

I am consumed by jealousy that they play lesbian incest and have always excluded me from their secret, that they only see me as an anonymous and useless piece of meat.

Marylou, do you remember that I told you about the spring that is in every woman between the extreme of submission and the extreme of domination?

Yes mommy, the more you tighten the spring and the more submissive I am with you, I accumulate tension…

And one day your spring jumps and the submissive, the most abject and dragged slave that you are, becomes the most ruthless and sadistic Mistress with women who knows later, said Amy.

Yes mommy, you've told me that this can happen to me, said Marylou.

My sweetheart, said Amy to Marylou, why don't you start being Mistress today? I know that you will always be my most slutty slave and faithful to my wishes, that you will serve me all your life. But don't you think it's time for you to start your stable of submissive cows, fucksows, slaves subject to your slightest desire? Why don't you try with the broken doll, the one nobody wants? Marylou turned to see me and her face shows the satanic and arrogant decision to become my most cursed, sadistic and abusive Mistress, who punishes me again and again without my understanding why: her smile was that of a wild beast ready to devour me, to tear me apart right there.

It's true mommy Amy, said Marylou. It's time for me to debut in the Greater Lodge as a heartless Mistress with that piece of anonymous female meat, after all it's already broken. It’s what the head of this Greater Lesbian Lodge wished me to do. That your daughter is the sadistic supernova that will erase their submissive supernova. Right Mommy Amy?

She sits up on the bed and slowly proceeds to take off her shoes and then, little by little, her dazzling red stockings. She walks over to me and, with her hand in a fist, she punches my left breast deep and hard, then with her other hand she weighs my other breast as I writhe in pain from my exposed breasts.

With a cruel smile that I will never forget, she makes a silk rope out of a red stocking and at the base of my right breast she makes two circles with the stocking and presses, presses, presses the root of my breast until she creates a wheel of force around it and I feel as she cuts off my circulation, then she rolls his other stocking up on my other breast. Both of my breasts are tied up and tight and now they almost look like two grapes coming off my body. My nipples automatically grow, they stand like two towers without will, erect, and my pussy is lubricated more and more with lust. Marylou's attention is all mine and she tortures my breasts while my tears wet the inside of the innocent doll mask that covers my face. fully

And yes, I surrender and accept, amid this lesbian fog I live in, that I love deeply Marylou, my Dark Angel of Sadism and I wish to be loved by her even if she makes me mincemeat.

Marylou turns around: Is that okay mommy? Amy just smiles. Marylou walks over to the bed and pulls something out of one of the drawers at the base of the bed. I don't see what it is, I just start to hear some metallic clicks, Clash, Clash, Clash, three times Clash. She shows me and then Amy three big rat traps, yes rat traps, not the little mouse ones, but fat, bulky rat traps.

She extends the spring and lets it fall against the wood as if the trap is activated. Clash. Terror invades me. Marylou will mutilate me, she will activate the traps on my nipples, which will fall slashed by the metal bar of the mousetraps. I tremble with animal terror, it is a reaction of my body to future pain.

Marylou walks two steps and makes Clash sound the Clash trap.

Amy says: Remember, daughter Marylou, that for a sadist the important thing is to see her slaves squirm before the next punishment, and that the punishment must last as long as possible, the torture of your slave's body must be almost eternal, not of a just a passing moment.

Marylou stands and thinks. Certainly mommy Amy, I understand, that's why for me there is no other Mistress like you, mommy.

Marylou reaches over and pulls the hammer away from the wood a bit, one hand pulling the areola of my right breast and biting it with the bar of the mousetrap against the wood base. At that moment an electric shock of pain runs through my entire body and I twist involuntarily, the pain is intense and my chest almost explodes into pieces.

Then, with that devilish grin that Marylou is known for, she opens the trap and then closes it on the areola of my left breast, and I can only throw my head back in a single spasm of pain.

Now Marylou shows me the third huge rat hole and she slowly kneels before me.

Nooooooo, nooooooooo I scream without anyone hearing me in a dull snore from my hoarse throat. Marylou carefully opens my vaginal lips and little by little find my clitoris and the root of it hooded from her. She takes it between two fingers and suddenly releases the mousetrap with a light Clash.

My scream, despite my closed throat, my mask, is clearly heard throughout the room. They had never tortured my clitoris like this. Never. A flash of pain, terror, animal fear runs through my body and I collapse my head on my chest almost fainting.

In the midst of pain, in the distance I hear applause, A-

Bravo, bravo, the daughter equal to the mother, bravo. We have already seen that maybe one day she’ll recover her speech, but tell me, can your doll walk?

Marylou just smiles and lies back on the bed as Amy steps to the side.

Marylou, smiling her famous sadistic Dark Angel smile says to me: Come, come here, does the doll know how to suck pussies? Don't you want to suck mine? Well, walk here. I am only a few steps away.

I make the superhuman effort to stand up, as does every lesbian slave who worships her loved dominant girl. But when I stand up completely, the pain in my toes and in my straight insteps from the ballet shoes is such that the pain surpasses that of my pressed clitoris. I almost passed out and Amy and Marylou notice that my tops are shattered from the pain. I walk unsteadily, one step, then the other, while my feet and insteps howl through my throat, which now shows the dimension of my total pain.

I walk clumsily, each step like walking on flaming coals. Just two steps away from being able to kneel before Marylou, Amy kicks the ballet boot off my left foot and I fall like a freshly executed slaughter cow. She brought me down in one fell swoop like a sandbag on my right side and the pain in my right collarbone nearly killed me. I fall sideways and my elbows feel another excruciating pain.

But Amy calculates the movement perfectly: I don't fall on my pressed breasts or on my clamped pussy. I fall to the side and my feet, my elbows and my shoulders receive the blow like an inhuman whiplash to my flesh.

I writhe on the floor in pain but my lust awakens insatiable, my desire to be Marylou's favorite slave, and I the only worshiper of my Loved Mistress is uncontrollably reborn and my pussy is totally wet now.

Once again I have the attention of Marylou, once again I can show her that there is no other sex slave in this world like me, that I am the one that she will humiliate and degrade the most if she wishes, because I only live to satisfy her most perverse desires of sadism and domination, only me, only me.

Marylou stands up and walks over.

You're a stupid doll, asshole, you can't do anything right, says Marylou to me.

She nods to Amy and the two of them carry me like an executed cow and toss me like a bundle onto the bed. It's me, Karla, a pure pain, clear, but finally I'm part of her sadistic games, finally I get a crust of her attention.

Marylou, it's getting late, we have other unavoidable commitments.

Yes, mommy. I just want to make sure of something, says Marylou.

Roughly, Marylou removes the three large mousetraps from my breasts and clit and checks them out.

Your boobs are tied. Tomorrow they will be two perfect purple grapes to harvest. Your hands and your elbows are forced just as we found them, it's a pain that you deserve for being an asshole. But your pussy deserves special treatment. Your clitoris must be protected from other mishandling.

From the drawer she takes out a curved capotera needle, to sew leather and a thin fishing line thread. She makes an incision that pierces my labia above the clitoris and sews them over my clitoris covering it, in the midst of a new pain that I had never felt in my body. Then she makes two pairs of incisions in my labia and seals my entire vagina, with a stitch worthy of a demented surgeon.

Marylou looks at me. You were going to cum, anonymous doll, right? But this seam is better than a chastity belt. You won't be able to cum even if you rub against the mattress or against its wooden base, no matter how hard you try. You won't come again until I feel like it, you fucking useless piece of meat. Your orgasms are mine, mine, they will never be yours again… You Lladró lesbian doll, so pretty, so precious, so addicted to pain with pleasure.

Amy approached to see: You're a sadistic demon Marylou, only you can think of it.

Marylou, without stopping to see, answers to Amy: I have the best teacher: my mom, my Lady. Amy turns and walks down the hall as I hear her heels click.

Marylou then, with all her full sadistic smile walks over me, grabs my head, penetrates the doll mask and looks me right in my eyes. "Remember... You are nobody, you are nothing. You nameless doll".

I love you Marylou, I think. There’s no one with your evil beauty on Earth. I love you. And I pass out.