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The Viramontes House Pt.3

2023-01-19 02:36:38

Next morning both woman woke up at the same time with a big smile on their faces, put a sports bra on, some tight sweat pants and an even tighter sweater and went for a good morning jog around the park. Both mother and daughter were catching all the attentions from all the males and several females running around the park. They even unzipped part of the sweater so some cleavage was exposed. They loved the attention they were getting, but little do all these people know the incestuous affair they were having. After running for 40 or so minutes the girls headed home. Upon entering the house, the woman jumped on each other and exchanged kisses and both girls groping their partners Latina ass.
"Lets eat honey, I'm hungry" Eva suggested.
"Ok mom" Maria replied.
Both woman went into the kitchen and prepared breakfast. As they began eating, they couldn't stop staring and smiling each other.
"Mom I wanted to ask you a question?"
"Go ahead Maria"
"Well I was wondering if today we could.....well I could..." Maria hesitated asking her mother.
"Honey don’t be shy, it’s all in the open, ask me anything you want"
"Ok, well I actually saw one of the videos with you and Maritza where you were being dominated, and I was wondering if we could do that today"
"Oh really honey" Eva told her daughter.
"Yes, I'd be the mistress and you would be my slave mom"
"Oh so that's how you want to fuck your mom for the first time huh" her mom gave her a seductively look.
"Yeah, I‘ve never done it and it looks like a lot of fun" Maria said.
"Well let’s do this better, how about we do it for the weekend"
"So today and tomorrow" the excited teen said.
"Yes honey, you will be able to do anything you want, you'll be the boss of the house, anything you say goes, no matter what it is, both sexual and non sexual" her mother said.
"Wow really mom” the young teen sounded excited.
“Yes honey of course, I love you and I‘ll do anything for you”
“I love you too mom” Maria smiled.
As both woman finished eating Maria said "Well mom let’s go take a shower, I feel a little dirty from the running"
"Ok honey, let me put the dishes away"
"Now mom" the forceful teen said.
"Okay Maria"
Not two steps did her mother take before Maria said "I want you to crawl to the bathroom, Mother"
"To show me what good slave you’ll be" she added.
Eva knelt down and got on all fours like a good little doggy. She started crawling out of the kitchen and headed onto the upstairs bathroom. Maria followed her slave for the weekend into the bathroom. She couldn’t keep her eyes off her mom’s big ass as it swayed back and forth. The young horny teen wanted her mom badly, and she knew the whole weekend her mother would be all hers. They went into the bathroom where Maria set the shower to warm up while they stripped each others clothes off. The two naked women stepped into the warm shower and started soaping each other. As Eva grabbed onto her daughter teen ass and rubbing it, the young teen was molesting her mothers C cups. They started to kiss one another as they abused each others bodies.
"HMMMM" both women moaned in unison.
After several minutes of this incestuous kissing, Maria broke the kiss and made her mother turn around so her back was against the teenager. As the water bounce of her mother’s perfect tits, Maria wrapped her arms around her mother’s waist and started to fondle her shaven cunt. Eva then placed her arms above her head and placed her hands the back of her daughters head as the mother tilted her head to meet her daughters. Both women once again locked lips with one another.
"OOOH god" Eva moaned softly into Maria's mouth.
Maria broke the kiss and said "This is going to be my fuck hole for the weekend"
"I'm going to fuck it as much as I can" she added as she fingered her mother’s cunt.
Maria was getting wet and not just cause of the water.
So as she removed her finger from her mother’s cunt she forcefully told her mother "Get on your knees mom and eat me"
"Make me cum good" the eager teen said.
Without any hesitation, the older woman got on her knees and started to lick her daughter’s cunt. Maria placed her hands above her head and held onto a railing that was connected to the wall just behind her. She placed her right leg on her mothers shoulder as her mother started to ravish her daughter young cunt. Licking, sucking and tonguing was the way Eva was pleasuring her daughter.
"OOOH god mom, lick me, lick your daughters cunt" Maria moaned.
Eva had now inserted two fingers into her daughter’s wet shaven cunt and was fingering her. Maria couldn’t believe how great her mothers fingers and mouth were, she was by far better than any man she has fucked.
"Fuck mom, fuck your mistress, make me cum, make me cum whore" the young teen cried out.
The 33 year old woman was tongue fucking her daughter’s young cunt while she was fingering her own cunt. As Eva furiously fingered her own cunt, she was fingering and tonguing her daughter’s cunt even faster. The faster she beat herself, the faster she beat her daughter.
"OOOH MOM, FUCK ME MOM, FUCK ME HARDER" the young teen screamed in pleasure.
Maria was in a dream of pure pleasure, her mom was fingering her harder than ever.
"FUCK MOM, I'M GONNA CUM" she yelled.
Eva now paid her full attention to her daughter’s cunt, she fingered and licked her child’s shaven cunt.
Maria couldn't take it anymore she cried out loud "OOOHHH MOM I'M CUMING, I'M CUMMING"
The young teen shook uncontrollably as she squirted jets and jets of her sex juices all over her moms face and tits. The lovely mother held her mouth wide open to catch her daughter’s juices. Once Maria finished filling her mother’s mouth, she slowly slid down the wall.
"HMMM" her mother moaned after drinking her daughter’s sweet juice.
Eva kissed her daughter one more time before stepping out of the shower.
Both woman had dried off before Maria said "Lets go to your room mother so I can pick something out for you"
"Ok honey"
They went into Eva‘s room, where Maria looked through her mothers drawers. She made her mother only wear black lace bow thigh high stockings with black 7 inch ankle strap platform heels.
"This is how you will be dressed today"
"Where are all the sex toys mom" Eva demanded.
"In the closet honey."
Maria opened the closet door and opened a huge box that was full of sex toys.
"Wow mom, I didn't know you where this naughty"
A nine inch pink dong attached to a harness caught the young teen’s eyes.
"This will be the toy I will use one you mom" the horny teen said as she pulled out the monstrous cock.
"Now lay down on the bed"
"Ok honey"
"Mom I don’t want you to talk anymore, you can only speak when I tell you or when you’re yelling from the fucking I'm going to give you"
"Yes honey what ever you say" the obedient mom said.
"Now get on the fucking bed mom" the teen demanded.
The elder mother jumped on top of her bed and laid down.
"NO, I want you to lay down so you’re head is sticking out of the side of the bed"
The confused mother looked at her daughter, but did as she was told. Eva had laid down so that her head was hanging down the edge of the bed. Maria took the video camera off the stand and press record. She went up to her mother where she started taping from her feet and slowly went up her delicious body and up to her head.
"This is Eva Viramontes and she will be my fuck slave" Maria said as she recorded her mother.
She moved the camera back unto the stand then went back to her mother. Maria stood over her mother, as Eva looked up at her young daughter who was strapping the dong onto her waist.
"This is the way a lot of boys fuck me, and I'm going to do the same to you" the dominant girl said.
"Open your fucking mouth, whore" she barked at her mother.
Her obedient mother did as she was told and opened her cock sucking mouth. Maria grabbed the monster cock and slowly fed it to her mother. Inch by inch the cock disappeared in her mother mouth. Eva's mouth had bulged up and her beady eyes had widened as the fake cock made its way far into her mouth and down her throat.
"UGH" the mother gagged.
Maria had inserted the entire fat 9 inch fake cock into her mothers cock sucking hole.
"You like the cock down your throat don’t you mom?" Maria looked down at her mother as Eva looked up with her watery eyes and waved her head up and down in a yes motion.
Not a second later did Maria start to pull the cock then push it back into her bitches mouth.
"UGH, UGH, UGGGHHH" Eva gagged as the cock hit the back of her throat.
With each stroke the young teenager fastened her pace, it got to a point where Maria was now mouth fucking her mother. She humiliated her mother even more on video by molesting her jugs as she face fucked her.
"GAG ON MY FUCKING COCK, WHORE" Maria yelled at her mom.
The young teen was eager to stick the lubricated dong into her mothers womb. So after a few more pumps of the dong, she withdrew from her mothers mouth.
"I think the little cunt wants my dong don’t you?"
"Answer" Maria barked at her mother.
"Well beg me you little whore"
"Please Maria I need that cock of yours, I want you to bang me like the whore I am" Eva begged her daughter.
Maria walked around her mothers bed and hoped on top of the bed. She knelt down on the comforter, grabbed her mothers legs and spread them apart. The young teen had a great access to her mothers shaven cunt. Maria placed the dong on her mothers cunt opening and slowly pushed the cock in. Little by little the fake cock penetrated the older woman’s cunt. Maria loved watching her mothers expression as she was shoving the cock into her cunt. Eva had squinted her eyes and slightly opened her mouth as the fat cock invaded her cunt.
"OOH" Eva moaned as her daughter went farther and farther in.
The entire cock was now buried deep inside the woman’s cunt. And just like Maria fucked her mothers mouth, her cunt was no different. She slowly swayed back and forth, as the dong appeared and disappeared inside her mothers sex box.
"OH GOD MARIA THAT FEELS SSOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD" her mother screamed as she was being violated by her daughter on videotape.
"FUCKING WHORE" Maria howled.
Maria couldn’t believe she was finally fucking her mother, she never thought she would, but here she is fucking her mother on video. Maria started to fastened her pace as Eva's moaned grew louder and louder.
"FUCK YOUR SLAVE, MARIA" Eva screamed in pleasure as Maria was now banging her mother.
Eva's C cups where now moving in a circular motion as she was being violently penetrated.
The adolescent teen, took the entire cock out of her moms abused pussy grabbed her by her arms and made her bent over the beds end board. Eva was now knelt down with her belly resting on the pillow covered end board with her breast hanging down and her ass sticking out as she faced the camera. The horny daughter knelt down behind her mothers spread legs and ram the hard cock back into her abused cunt. As she slammed her mothers cunt, Maria began spanking her white tight round ass.
"Yes honey, harder fuck me harder, oooooh fuck, fuck me Mariiiiiia" Eva groveled.
Eva was now getting the pounding of her life by her own flesh and blood. The room had filled with Eva's moans as well as Maria's thighs smacking against her slaves ass and the banging Eva’s tits were making as they where slamming against the wooden end board.
"Ah Maria, jodame mas duro, jodame el co?Oh Maria, fuck me harder, fuck my cunt)" Eva moaned in Spanish.
"More honey, screw your fuck slave, oh god, oh god, oh gooooooodd" Eva cried out loud.
Within seconds the mother came all over her daughters artificial cock. Maria withdrew her fake cock from her mothers cunt once she subsided.
"Great fuck mom" the teen girl said as she turned off the camera.
"OOH god honey you where great"
"I know, now be quiet lets go downstairs" Maria said.
Both sweaty woman left Eva's sex smell room and went to the living room.
"Now mom, I'm gonna go out and buy some stuff"
"But you’re gonna stay here tied up and a toy to pleasure you, understand?" Maria added.
Maria interrupted her mother "No but mom, you’re the fuck slave, you will do as I say"
"Ok sorry honey" Eva apologized.
"Now go fucking lay down in the living room floor"
"Yes honey" the obedient mom said as Maria went back upstairs to her mothers room.
Maria looked into her mothers chest box, grabbed a silicone bunny 9 inch G-spot and clit vibrator and two spread bars. She went back to the living room where she attached the bars to her mothers ankles and wrist. The older woman was now spread eagle, forming an X shape. She grabbed the vibrator and slowly pushed it into her fuck toys cunt as the curbed toy hit the woman’s G spot. Maria rearranged the toy so that the bunny ears clit stimulator pushed against her mother’s clit.
"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" the vibrator sounded once Maria had turned it on.
"OOOH" Eva moaned.
Maria grabbed the camera, placed it on the stand and recorded her helpless mother being raped by the vibrator.
"Ok mom I want you to hold that vibrator as it is until I come home, if it comes out, well you’ll know what will happen, understood?"
"OOOOH god, yes honey, OOOOH" Eva moaned.
The young teen headed upstairs and changed into some tight jeans and a light pink sleeveless shirt with some sandals. She grabbed her purse and headed back downstairs.
"Now I'm leaving mom and remember what I said" the young teen told her mother as she went out the door.
She went to a nearby mall where she looked for a dress for her lovely mother. Maria wanted her mother to look very nice, not formal nice but slutty nice for the evening both woman were going to have. She found a very provocative dress that not even her mother will wear. She looked at the pink slinky tube mini dress with a triangle shape form in the front part of the dress that reached down past her belly button and had a bare back. Even Maria found the dress very provocative.
"Perfect" the young teen said to herself.
Once she purchased the mini dress, she proceeded on wasting her mothers money. As she was shopping she came upon a pair of white 8 inch closed toe, tie ankle strap stiletto heel with a 4 inch platform.
"These would be great for the dress" the excited teen said.
She purchased the hooker heels and decided she needed some goodies as well. So she drove to the same porno shop that her mother and her where before. She easily sneaked in and purchased several items she needed. She got home around 3:30 and found her mom the same way she left her, but the floor was wet with her mothers love juices.
"Hi honey" the mother greeted and smiled at her daughter.
"Hey mom"
"So you where able to do as I said" Maria added.
She took the wet and warm vibrator from her mothers pussy and took the spread bars from her ankle and wrist. After both woman had exchanged kisses, they snuggled on the couch and drifted off to sleep. Maria had awoke and saw the clock had just hit 5 pm.
"Mom wake up" she tapped her mother.
"We have to get ready for tonight"
"For what honey?"
"I have an evening planned for us" Maria said.
"Oh really, what is it?" the mother questioned.
"You'll find out"
"Now I want you to go upstairs and take a shower"
Both woman had gotten up and Eva headed for the upstairs shower.
"Oh and mom, I'm gonna leave the clothes you’re gonna wear in your room"
"OK honey" Eva replied.
As Eva showered, Maria planted the slutty dress and hooker heels on her mothers bed. She proceeded on taking a bath as well. Her mother had gotten out of the bathroom when she walked into her room and saw the clothes Maria had just left.
"Wow she wants me to wear this" Eva told herself.
But like a good little slave, the young mother started to do her stuff. And just like typical women, both the mother and daughter took almost an hour and a half to get themselves all sexed up. It was 10 minutes till 6:30 when Maria finally finished getting ready. She walked into her mothers room sporting a black pleated skirt, with a light blue stylish halter top that showed her great abs. She had on a pair of black 6 inch thigh high skintight heels. And under the black skirt the young teen had the strap on harness she will be using tonight to attach the several goodies she bought. Maria looked liked a complete slut, but her mother looked even sluttier. The young teen couldn’t stop ogling her mother. She eyed her mom from her high heel covered feet up to her pink slutty dress.
"Wow mom that dress looks great on you"
"Thanks honey"
"You look even hotter" her mother complimented her young daughter.
Once Eva finished putting make up on her face she turned to her daughter and asked "So what do you think honey?"
"Mom you look amazing, just the way I wanted you to"
The pink dress did no justice, Eva looked great with it on. Her plump breast where partially showing as well as her belly and her entire back was showing. Her legs looked amazing with the white heels on. She had done her make up to look more on the sluttier side and nicely did her hair. Maria had to admit, her mom looked like a hooker going to her corner to work.
"Ok mom lets go" Maria said.
Maria grabbed her purse and the bag full of toys she bought earlier and headed downstairs with her mom. She couldn’t believe what a slut her mother looked, and she loved her new look. As they where heading for the door the young teen wanted her mother badly.
"Hold on mom, bend over the fucking couch" the dominant teen demanded.
Just like the submissive mother she is, Eva complied with her daughters orders. Eva bent over the back of the sofa as she stuck her ass out for her daughter. Maria grabbed the fattest 10 inch dong with an 8 inch in circumference and attached it to the harness. The young teen pulled her mother’s dress over her waist and without warning she shoved the entire fat dong into her mothers vagina.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" Eva screamed in agony.
Maria quickly started banging her home, shoving the cock in and out of her mothers pussy.
Her daughter had no remorse for her hooker looking mother. Though her mother was in pain, she was receiving a lot of pleasure from the cock.
"FUCKING WHORE, YOURE ALL MINE TONIGHT" Maria barked at her mother.
It didn’t take long for her lovely mother to cum.
"I'm cumming Maria, I'm fucking cuummmmmmmmming" Eva howled as she cummed.
Eva's love juices were lubricating her daughters cock as it ran down her legs. Maria withdrew the fat cock from her mothers abused cunt and cleaned it with a towel.
"Mom clean yourself up" Maria handed her mother a towel.
Once the two woman had the quickie they got into her mothers car and drove of. Maria had made dinner reservations at this somewhat small Italian restaurant that was located about 45 minutes to and hour long drive. Maria was concerned that if they went to a restaurant nearby someone would recognized them. So she reserved one that was real far and no one would now them. The two woman got to the restaurant 50 minutes later. They went in and were showed to their table for two. As the two women walked to their table, all the men where eyeing both the sluttty teenager and hooker mother and all the woman were in disgust. Maria had noticed all the looks they where getting, but she didn’t care as long as she was with her mom. Both woman sat on opposite sides of the table as the waiter handed them a menu to look at. A few minutes passed by when the young waiter came back to take the two women’s order. Maria had noticed how the young man couldn’t stop staring at her mother as Eva was placing her order.
After the waiter left with their order Maria said "Wow mom did you see the waiter checking you out"
"Really?" her mother smiled.
"Yeah, how about we call him over so he can fuck you" Maria playfully said.
"Shut up honey" Eva laughed.
Both woman talked to one another as a mother and daughter would. They started eating the delicious Italian food once it arrived. Maria couldn’t believe how sexy her obedient mother looked. She loved the hooker look her mother was sporting. She was getting incredible turned on by her looks and the thought of every man in the restaurant wanting a piece of her mother.
As both women were eating Maria told her mother "Mom, I want you to go to the restroom and wait for me"
The compliant woman wiped her mouth with the napkin, stood up and walked to the restroom. Few seconds later her daughter followed her mother with her purse into the restroom. Luckily both women where alone in the restroom so no one will see them going into the stall together.
"You need a fuck mom" the domineering daughter said.
She grabbed her submissive mother by the hand and led her into the handicap stall which was three times the size of a regular one.
Maria grabbed a 9 inch blue jelly dildo from her purse and attached it to the harness. She sat on the toilet and forced her mother to beg to be fucked.
"Beg for the fucking cock mom, beg to have it shoved into you slut cunt"
"Please Maria, I badly want that huge cock of yours up my cunt, your slutty cunt mother needs it really, really bad" the horny mother begged.
Maria grabbed her mother by the waist and pulled her towards her. Eva placed both legs on either side of Maria's body and pulled her dressed up. As Maria held the fake cock straight up, her mother lowered herself onto it. Once Eva had the entire cock up her cunt, Maria reached into her purse and pulled out a ball gag.
"You'll wear this so you wont be fucking heard" Maria said as placed the ball into her mother mouth and hooked it from the back.
"Ride me cunt" Maria forced her mother.
Eva slowly rode her daughters cock.
"HMMMM" Eva moaned onto the gag.
"Faster whore, faster" the young teen demanded.
Eva quickened her pace just like her daughter said. The older MILF was giving the ride of her life on her daughter fake cock. Maria's mother was now bouncing on Maria, as the cock went in and out of her motherly cunt.
"HHHHHHMMM, HHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMM" Eva moaned loudly but was blocked by the ball.
"Fucking slut, you stupid whore, take it, take the cock into your cunt" Maria hollered at her mother.
A few minutes had gone by, before the young teen held her mother down and took her off the cock.
"Bend over cunt" the teen demanded.
Eva bent over in front of her daughter with her ass sticking straight up as she held onto a rail on the wall. Maria grabbed her mothers wide hips and shoved the well lubricated cock into her mothers womb. Just like before they left, Maria began ravishing her mothers cunt with the fake cock. She was harshly banging her slaves abused cunt.
"HHHHMMM, OOOOHHH, UUUUUGH" Eva moaned onto the ball.
"You like that don’t you, you filthy piece of shit" Maria barked.
The music playing in the restroom had blocked off the smacking sound coming from Maria's thighs as they banged against her mothers round ass. Maria had heard the ladies door open through a crack and saw a young beautiful woman walk into one of the stalls in the far corner of the room. But that didn’t stop from rough fucking her mother. Eva was holding on tight to the rail as her daughter was banging her from behind. The thought of another woman being in the same room and maybe hearing them fucking turned on Maria even more that she was now banging her mother as if there was no tomorrow. Without warning Maria felt her mother shake as she started to cum. Eva repeatedly came onto her daughters fake cock as her knees became weak from the intense orgasm she was having. Maria withdrew from her mothers cunt and detached the fake cock from the harness. She pulled it up to her mothers mouth and made her mother clean her own juices off the fake cock. Once the cock was cleaned up, she grabbed a tissue and cleaned it off completely.
"Ok mom, I'm going back to the table, clean yourself up and get back"
Maria took the ball gag as well and put but the dildo and gag into her purse.
Eva breath heavily as she was finally able to breath "Ok honey I wont be long"
Maria looked through the crack making sure no one was there, so when the coast was clear she washed herself and went back to her table. But soon after her mother joined her dominant daughter at the table. Eva and Maria were both shocked to what they had just done, never in their mind would they have ever done anything like that. They continued their lovely dinner like an ordinary mother and daughter.
"So is everything alright?" the waiter asked.
"Yes, everything is fine hun" the mother smiled at the young man.
Once he left Maria commented "Wow he really wants you mom"
"Oh be quiet Maria" Eva laughed.
The two women had finished eating when the waiter came back with two dessert plates.
As he placed them down on the table Maria said "Ahh we didn’t order this"
"I know, it's on the house"
"Oh how nice of you hun" Eva smiled at the waiter
"No problem ladies"
He grabbed the plates and went back to the kitchen.
"Wow these are really good" Maria tasted her dessert.
"Maybe you should give the waiter a little treat of your own"
"But Maria..."
Maria interrupted her mother and strongly told her mother "Mom do it"
"Take him to the restroom, get on your knees and give him a fucking blowjob" she added.
Maria called the waiter over to their table were Eva asked "UMM excuse me where are the restrooms"
"Oh well go into that hall, turn to the right and you’ll see them"
Eva grabbed the young mans hand and asked "Can you show me?"
"Sure ma'am" the waiter pulled the chair out and showed Eva where the restroom was.
"Well here is the re..." Eva interrupted the young man with a kiss.
She shoved her tongue down the strangers mouth.
"Ma'am what are you doing" the frightened, yet turned on man said.
"Listen hun, I know you want this" Eva said as she grabbed the young mans crotch.
"Yeah, but I'm working"
"Don’t worry son this wont take long"
Eva opened the ladies restroom and took the 25 year old waiter to the stall where her daughter had fucked her earlier. The slutty mother pushed the young man against the wall as she knelt down.
"So how big are you hun?" Eva seductively looked up at the waiter.
"HMM I don’t know, you’ll find out"
Eva unzipped his pants and took the semi hard circumcised cock out.
"HMMM" Eva moaned.
She grabbed the cock and slowly jerked it off. She then placed the cock head in her mouth and shoved inch by inch. Once Eva had the entire cock in her cock sucking mouth, she started to slowly bob her head back and forth. As she sucked the 9 inch erect cock, she played with the waiters balls.
"OOOH fuck" the man moaned.
She then licked the shaft of the cock up and down as she would stuff it back into her mouth and swallow it.
"UUUUGH" the MILF gagged on the cock as it struck the back of her throat.
He ran his hands through her hair and moaned "God ma'am you’re a great cock sucker"
She looked at the young man and said "Thanks hun"
Back and forth her head went and in and out the cock went. The horny gentleman couldn’t take it anymore, he was about to blow a huge load onto a strangers mouth.
"OH fuck I'm gonna cum ma'am" he said.
She kept sucking his cock until she felt some hot liquid hit her throat. She deep throated his cock as he shot jets of cum. Eva was always able to swallow everything smoothly, though she was somewhat choking on it, she was able to swallow every single drop of cum that shot straight down her throat. After draining the young mans cock, she took the limp cock out and licked it clean. She sucked on it a few more times before placing it back into his pants.
She stood up, cleaned the corners on her mouth and said "What a great cock you have son"
"Eva" Eva shook his hand.
"Oh well you where amazing Eva, you sure are a pro"
"AAAWW, thanks hun, I need to go know my daughter is waiting" she told the waiter.
Still catching hit breath he said "Oh ok"
Eva fixed herself and headed back to the table.
"So?" Maria asked.
"Well I did as you told and sure gave him a treat"
"Wow mom you sure are slutty" Maria complimented her mother.
"Thanks honey"
Minutes later the same waiter came back "So do you ladies need anything else?"
"HMM no I think we're okay can we get the check?" Maria asked.
"Its ok, its on me" he said.
"Wow really" Maria questioned.
"Awwww" Maria said.
"Awww thanks honey" Eva told the waiter.
After the waiter left, the girls stood up and left the restaurant.
Arm by arm the woman walked.
"Mom, maybe you should suck ever guy when we go to a restaurant"
"Oh shut up Maria" Eva playfully hit her daughter.
Both woman got into their car and drove off. Eva was excited as to what she had planned next. Eva had noticed her daughter pulled into a real cheap motel's parking lot.
"Is this where.."
"Yes mom, you look like a whore so I'm gonna treat you like one" the dominant teen said.
They checked into the motel and went into their room. A single bed, a sofa chair, a bathroom and a TV on top of an old cabinet were the only things the room had. It really looked like a dump, though it was fairly a large room, it was still a sleazy place, but Maria wanted to treat her mother like they would treat a hooker.
"Lay down on the bed mom" Maria forced her mother.
Maria put the bag of goodies and her purse down. She grabbed the long fat cock from her purse and attached it to the harness. She grabbed the video camera and placed it on top of the cabinet where the TV was on and turned it on.
She sat on the small sofa and ordered "Better get on your fucking knees over here."
The slutty mother got off the bed and knelt in front of her daughter. She got in between her daughters spread legs and wrapped her hand around the fake cock, although her fingers never met. She lowered her head and stuffed the fake dong into her mouth.
"Suck it like you did to Dan's, you whore" Maria yelled at her mother.
"Dan who? The waiter?" Eva questioned her daughters remark in her mind.
She started to slowly pushed the cock into her mouth and started sucking it. Up and down her head went as the cock appeared and disappeared inside her mouth.
Maria placed her hands on top of her mothers head and said "Yeah like that bitch, suck my fucking dong, WHORE"
After slobbering up her daughters cock, Maria held her mothers head down so the entire cock was inside her mothers cock sucking mouth.
"UUUUGGGHHH" Eva moaned as the fake dong blocked her air passage.
After a minutes or so Eva was released and heavily breath as she was finally allowed to breath normally.
"You liked that didn't you cunt" Maria said.
"Now stand up and face the camera" the dominant daughter said.
"Yes honey" Eva replied as she stood up and faced the camera.
Her back was now facing her daughter. Maria grabbed her mother by the hip and pulled her towards her.
"Beg me to shove the cock in you pig"
"Please baby, I badly need your cock in me, I'm dripping wet"
"Good" Maria said.
Eva reached under her and held onto the cock as she slowly lowered herself onto it.
"OOOOOHHHH" Eva moaned as the fake cock spread her apart.
Little by little the dong invaded her abused cunt.
"OOHHH FFFFFUUUUUCCKK" Eva moaned as the entire cock had found its way in.
"You love it don’t you bitch" Maria barked.
Eva nodded in an yes motion. Maria grabbed her mothers hip and raised up 'til the cock head was the only thing inside her mothers womb. With out warning the young teen pushed her mother down onto the cock as the entire cock ripped through her mothers cunt.
"Now ride it you fucking cow" she commanded.
Eva grabbed the chairs arms and slowly started to move up and down the fake dong.
"Oh god it hurts honey" Eva cried out as the fat dong split her in half.
"Fuck it whore" Maria yelled.
"Faster cunt, faster" the young teenager barked.
The obedient mother did as she was told and fastened her pace. She was giving the dong a ride of its life; while her mother cried and rode, Maria grabbed her mothers dress and pulled it down, revealing her perfect 33 year old jugs.
"Make it hurt, slam onto the cock" Maria commanded.
Eva began slamming herself onto the cock, as the dong began going in and out in one motion. As Eva fucked herself, Maria started molesting her mothers globes.
"WHORE" Maria repeatedly called her mom.
After several minutes of molesting and forcing her mother to ride her, Maria grabbed her mothers buttocks and pulled her off her.
"Go lay on the bed mom" Maria demanded.
Eva laid her sweaty, exposed body on the bed while Maria pressed a button on the side of the bed and made it rise up to the right level.
"What?" Eva told herself.
She had never seen a bed risen up this way before. But once Maria had the perfect level, she stood standing up on the edge of the bed and grabbed her mothers legs and pulled her towards her. Maria reached into her purse and pulled out a small pink egg looking vibrator and handed it to her mother.
"I want you to fuck your clit while I fuck you cunt" Maria yelled.
"Yes honey"
Maria grabbed her mothers legs, pulled them up on the air and spread them apart creating a V-shape form with her legs. She then placed the fake cock into her mother womb and pushed it in all in one swift.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH" Eva screamed as the dong once again ripped through her pussy.
Maria began fucking her mother at a fast pace and fastened her pace with each stroke. As Maria was banging her mother, Eva grabbed the egg vibrator and turned it on.
"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" the vibrator sounded.
"OOOH GOD, honey it feels so greaaat" Eva moaned once she placed the vibrator against her clit.
Eva was in heaven as she was getting pleasure from both her daughter and the egg vibrator.
After what seemed like an eternity Eva moaned "I'm gonna cum honey, I'm gonna cum"
Once her mother announced she was gonna come, Maria gave her mother a few more fucks, before knelling down on the floor, placing her mother legs over her should and sucking and licking the MILF's cunt.
"I'm cumming, I'm cummmmmmmiiiiiingggg" Eva moaned as she exploded her love juices into her daughters mouth.
"HMMMM" Maria moaned.
Once swallowing every drop her mother offered she stood up and gave her mother a deep kiss, making her taste her own juices.
"Oh god honey that was amazing" Eva complimented her daughter.
"Thanks mom" Maria smiled as they once again exchanged kisses.
Maria broke the kiss and got off the bed as Eva laid comfortable with the egg still loudly buzzing.
"Don’t get to comfortable mother, tonight you’re gonna get fucked a lot" Maria said.
"So get your slutty ass up" the teen added.
Eva turned the vibrator off and got of the bed.
"How could I humiliate her even more?" Maria thought to herself.
Maria pulled the rope which controlled the big long heavy curtains covering the typical window every motel had.
"What are you doing honey" Eva looked scared.
"Get in front of the window" Maria shocked her mother.
"WHAT?" the frightened woman said.
"Honey there are too...." she said before her daughter interrupted her.
"Do as I say cunt" Maria barked.
"Stand in front of the window and bend over" she added.
Though the obedient mother was uncertain of her daughters actions, she reluctantly did as she was told. She stood in front of the window and bent over so she was facing the window. She felt rather uncomfortable as she was able to see people walking by in the far distant. Luckily there was the motel parking lot that stood between their motel room and the sidewalk full of people. Once Eva was bent over and fully exposed, Maria grabbed the curtain rope and pulled on it so that it would close. Only Eva's upper body was in full view to the public as her lower half was exposed to her daughter. Maria stood behind her mother, placed her legs in between her mother legs and spread them wide apart. She proceeded on grabbing her mothers waist and slowly pushed the dong into her slave's abused fuck hole.
"OOOOHH" Eva moaned the fat cock once again entered her well lubricated cunt.
Maria slowly started to push her hips back and forth as the cock went in and out of her mothers cunt. She quickly fastened her pace as her thighs smacked against her mothers pale ass.
"OOOH god fuck me Maria, fuck your slaves cunt" Eva moaned.
"You like being humiliated don’t you, you fucking cunt, fucking trash whore" Maria shouted.
As Maria banged her mother, Eva had not only noticed some people on the street quickly looking into her room, but she saw several couples and even threesomes going into rooms with large bags and unique clothes. She noticed that one woman was dressed in a domineered outfit while the man was dress different than most men would dress. She also noticed several woman dresses in very provocative outfits. But she didn’t think much of it, she was concentrating more on the beating her pussy was getting. Maria began spanking her mothers ass so hard it left her red imprints in her pale round ass.
"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH FUCK, OOOOOOOOOOOOOHH SON OF BITCCCHHH" Eva yelled as she felt the red hot sensation.
The humiliation, spanking and deep fucks where too much for the horny mother.
"I'm cumming again honey, I'm cumming agaiiiiiiiiinnn" Eva came all over her daughter's fake cock as it dripped down her own legs.
"UUUUHHHHH" Eva moaned.
Maria withdrew from her mothers cunt, grabbed her hair and pulled her mother back into the room.
Eva felt onto her knees, as Maria picked her up by the hair and rhetorically asked "Now mom was that good for you?"
"Yes honey" Eva looked up at her daughter.
"Knock, knock, knock" both woman heard it coming from the door.
"Right on time" Maria softly said.
"Go to the bathroom and fix yourself up mother" Maria demanded.
"Honey who is ...."
"Do as I said mom" the dominant teen said.
Eva stood up and went into the restroom.
"Wait 5 minutes" Maria told yelled at who ever was knocking at the door.
Maria cleaned up the room a little, unattached the dildo from the harness and turned the video camera off.
"Mom come out already" Maria yelled at her mother.
Eva came out seconds later with her make up all done and herself looking all fresh.
"Good mother, well I have a little surprise for you"
"Huh?" the confused mother said.
"Well mom you'll see"
Maria walked up to the door and opened it. Eva was shocked once she saw who walked in through the door.
To be continued………
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