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Rikki convinces Tyler to do her History homework_(1)

2022-10-16 00:11:21

This is based on a true story, with some details fudged around a bit. If you want to know what happens after, post a comment below and I might add chapter two :)


Rikki yawned yet again. Her new History teacher Mr Galveston was droning on again about the American Revolution. It was only the second week of her Senior year in High School, and Mr Galveston had given them two exams, and she had an essay due the next day. People had warned Rikki the previous year of how difficult his class was, and to avoid getting into it at all costs, but it was out of her control now. She was trying hard to get into Stanford next year and needed great grades, but this class added a lot of stress to her schedule, and she hated the subject.

Rikki glanced around the room at everyone else in class. They were all furiously writing down notes and trying to figure out which rambling bits of the teacher’s speech they would need to remember. She caught the eye of Tyler, a bit of a nerdy kid who didn’t play any sports or do any extracurriculars as far as she knew. He gave her a shy half smile and looked back down at his desk, but not before taking a quick glance at Rikkis chest. She knew he must have a crush on her, this was not the first time she caught him looking. She glanced down at her breasts herself; she was actually quite proud of them. She wore a 36C cup and usually just wore a tight tank top to class. They were supple and firm enough that they stood out proud and gained a lot of attention. Occasionally when she was feeling adventurous she would go without a bra, which was refreshing because she hated the restricting feeling of them, but would usually get sent to the office if she tried this at school. Apparently her nipples distracted some of the other students.

She adjusted her tank top a bit then gathered her hair natural blonde hair and brought it around her right shoulder, fiddling with it. She needed a plan for his year. There was no way she could keep up with other classes with how demanding this history class was. She wished she could just drop the class and focus on others, but she needed the credits. Maybe she would need a study partner to help her out. Someone to pair up with and try to get them to do a bit more of their fair share. She glanced back over a Tyler, and saw him writing down his notes in a very organized manner. It would have to be him.

After class, she approached him as he was walking towards his next class.

“Tyler! Wait up.” She said

Tyler turned around, a bit surprised and giving her a quizzical look. Rikki has never really talked to him before, except when they were lab partners for a day last year. “What’s up?”

“Did you have a topic for your essay that’s due tomorrow? I’m trying to figure one out for myself.”’

“Not really, I was going to work on it when I got home tonight.”

“Did you want to write it together? I was really distracted today during class and didn’t get many notes down, and I figure we could put our heads together and make the essay easier of the both of us!”

Tyler paused for a moment, nervously thinking. Here was this beautiful girl, 18 years old, straight blonde hair and a body to die for, asking to STUDY with him? “Y-Yea, that’d be good!” He managed to stammer out.

Rikki smiled. “Awesome! Let me get your address.”

They exchanged information, and Rikki, happy with herself, turned to go to her next class, excited she might have a good solution to her problem; at least for now. Tyler stood there, looking at the his phone with Rikkis number that just got programmed into it, and looked up to her walking away.

God, he thought, look at that ass. Rikki was wearing her slimmest jeans, that framed her ass very well. It wasn’t huge, but firm and curvy just like her breasts. Tyler shook himself out of his trance and continued on to class.

That evening, Rikki showed up to Tyler’s place and they went straight up to his room. His room was simple, with his queen bed, a study desk, and a closet in it. Rikki dropped her backpack at the foot of his bed and sat on the bed, crossing her legs and rubbing her thighs in anticipation. She wore the same tank top as she did in class today, but ended up changing into white short shorts and flip flops. After class, Rikki had been doing a lot of thinking. There was no way she was going to be able to make it through the school year with this class, so she was going to try and get Tyler to not just help her with her essays and other history work, but outright do them for her.

“So,” She began. “I’ve been thinking…”

Tyler had slumped into his desk chair and was looking over at her. God she’s beautiful, he thought again. He stole a glance down at her legs, which were smooth, fit, and tanned, with the occasional freckle accenting her thighs. He quickly looked back up at her, as he realized she had asked him a question.

“Sorry, what was that?” Tyler asked.

“I’ve been thinking…” Rikki repeated, “I think I need a bit more help than I let on earlier.”

“Oh?” Tyler asked, a bit surprised. What did she mean?

“Yea, I just…” She gathered her hair again and started to play with it. “I really need to get good grades this year, and I can’t have this history class dragging me down in all my other classes. It’s so much work, and I can’t keep up with it all. And you seem to be really good at the subject and taking all these notes and… I was hoping you’d be able to write my essays for me. Or at least this one.”

“You want me to write my own essay AND yours?” Tyler asked, puzzled. “What would I get out of that?”

“I’m not sure. I didn’t really get that far.” Rikki said, but she knew that was a lie. She knew how she was going to get him to do her work, she just didn’t know how far she would have to go to get it.

Tyler laughed, “I mean, I could use some money.”

“I don’t have any money! Just what my dad gives me for lunch!” Rikki said.

“Well I don't know what else you could give me then to write your essay, I have enough work for myself.” Tyler said. As he said this, he stole another glance at Rikki's chest.

“I notice you do that a lot.” Rikki claimed.

“Do what?”

“Look at my boobs!”

Tyler shifted uncomfortably in his seat and stammered, “N-No I don’t.”

Rikki smiled, “It’s okay! A lot of people do. They ARE nice.” She looked down, and cupped both her hands over her breasts, pushing them in and up, before releasing them and letting them fall. “Don’t you think?”

“I- I mean yeah. No yeah, they’re great.” Tyler said, not believing she just fondled herself in front of him.

“Would you like to see them?” Rikki asked, playing with the bottom of her tank top.

Not wanting to pass up on the offer, Tyler nodded.

Rikki slowly pulled the tank top over her head, then tossed it on the floor. She was wearing a pink bra underneath, and Tyler instantly started to get hard. He looked over her again, and noticed she had her belly button pierced.

Not breaking eye contact, Rikki reached behind her and undid the class of her bra, but then held her bra to her chest. She glanced down and noticed a big bulge in Tyler’s pants. He clearly liked what he saw. She realized this was a perfect opportunity.

“Well, maybe I shouldn’t….” Rikki murmured. Tyler had a flash of desperation on his face, he had wanted to see these puppies for years and they were right there, ready to be seen. “I mean,” Rikki continued, “What's my incentive?”

“I’ll write this essay for you if you show me, I swear.” Tyler said quickly, but then added, “But only if I get to touch them too.”

Rikki considered this for a second, and figured what the hell, what’s the difference. So she lowered her hands and bra away from her chest.

Tyler let out a small moan. Was everything about her perfect?

Rikki got up and walked over to him. “Go ahead,” She encouraged, “touch them.”

Tyler reached his hand out and groped her right tit, then reached his other hand out and began fondling both. He squeezed and played with them, for a few seconds, then started to pinch and roll Rikki’s nipples. Rikki let out a little whimper and roller her head back. It felt SO good. Rikki always had sensitive nipples and would love to play with them all the time. She even would get close to cumming, just from playing with her tits sometimes.

“Fuck that feels good Tyler.” Rikki purred, as he looked up at her and grinned.

“I’ve wanted to do this for years” Tyler admitted.

“Oh I figured.” Laughed Rikki.

After a couple more seconds of playing with her tits, Tyler lowed his hands. “Uh… Thanks” He said sheepishly.

Rikki smiled and went back to the bed and sat down. She then said, “Well, want to get some work done? I need to study for my math test next week. And you need to write my history essay!”

“Sure, lets get something done!” Tyler said. “Are uh… You going to stay shirtless?”

Rikki nodded. “Yup! I figure you’ll earn it, and I hate wearing clothes anyways.”

“Well you cam always take off more if you want!” Tyler said boldy.

Rikki gave him a look that said, You wish.

So, they studied and did school work for a couple of hours, Tyler stealing glances every few minutes or two, and then Rikki got dressed and went home. Every week or two when there was an exam or essay for history, Rikki would go to Tyler’s house, take off her top and bra (if she bothered to wear one to his house), and Tyler would do Rikki’s work for her, while she studied for other classes.

A couple months into this arrangement however, Rikki went over to Tyler’s house as usual, and he seemed really stressed. It was time for some finals, and he was behind a lot of his own work and told Rikki he couldn’t help her tonight.

“But this next essay is worth 30% of my grade!” Rikki exclaimed.

“You’ll just have to write it yourself, I don’t have time tonight.” Tyler responded.

“Tyler, I haven’t done any work for this class. I don’t know ANYTHING about what we’ve learned, how am I supposed to write this essay?”

“I don’t KNOW!” Tyler nearly shouted. He seemed really stressed. “I’m just barely getting by myself now and my parents have been on top of me about my grades slipping. I’m too stressed to take on more work.”

“Well how about I let you feel my boobs again?” Rikki asked. She started to take off her shirt and bra, hoping this would help influence him.

“I’ve already felt them, they’re great but it’s not about that!”

“I know… You’re stressed. What if I let you jerk off to me being topless? That might help decrease your stress.” Rikki said as she dropped her bra on the floor.

Tyler paused at this. It WAS tempting. He was really horny as of late, as he had been so busy with school work he hadn’t been able to jerk off for nearly a week now. But it wasn’t enough, he could just look at porn later tonight before bed. For now, he had to study.

“I’m sorry,” Tyler said, “Maybe next time. I just can’t tonight.”

Rikki looked out the window, frustrated. If she attempted to write this essay herself, she’d fail. And it would drastically lower her grade and ruin her chances of getting into Stanford. She knew she would have to do a bit more to get him to agree. She looked back at Tyler. He wasn’t bad looking. Who knows, maybe he had a great cock too. At this thought, she said, “How about a blowjob?”

Tyler perked up. “What?”

“I can suck your cock,” Rikki said slyly, rising up from the bed. She started to walk over towards Tyler, who was sitting in his desk chair. “Have you ever had a blowjob before?”

“Mmm… No. I haven’t.” Tyler admitted.

Rikki got on her knees between Tyler's legs, and put her hands on his thighs. She gazed up at him. “Would you like a blowjob?” By the bulge in his pants, she knew the answer before he even said yes.

She reached out to his belt, and undid it. Grabbing onto the end, she pulled it out of all the belt loops and tossed it away from her. She undid the button to his jeans, then slid the zipper down. Tyler moaned. Rikki grabbed the waistband of his jeans and started to pull them down to his knees, along with his underwear. His dick sprang up; it was indeed a great cock. Not quite completely hard yet, and already stood at nearly 6 inches long. Uncut, with some precum already oozing out of the tip. He even kept himself trimmed.

“Mmmm” Rikki purred as her hand reached out to Tyler’s cock. She wrapped her hand around it and gave it a few pumps.

“Oh my god” Tyler moaned.

Rikki giggled and then leaned forward, moving her face close to his knob. She licked the tip and tasted the precum. Delicious! She had only been with one other guy before, her first boyfriend last year, but had blown him many times and knew her way around a cock.

She engulfed it in her mouth, and placed both hands on his thighs again. She started to bob up and down on his cock, moaning, trying to fit as much in her mouth as she could. His dick tasted amazing, as did her last boyfriends. She let her hands roam his thighs, mouth never leaving his cock. Her left hand found his balls, and she massaged them gently, rolling them around in her hand. She pulled Tyler’s dick out of her mouth, and began to suck and lick his balls while using her right hand to jerk him off. Tyler moaned even louder at this, clearly enjoying himself. She returned her mouth to his dick, and sunk it so deep down her throat her lips were firmly pushed against against his pubes. She held this for a couple seconds, swirling her tongue around his dick, then pulled back to take a breath. When she returned her mouth to his throbbing member, Tyler placed his hands behind her head and started to push her into it while bucking his hips. Rikki could feel his cock sliding down her throat as he face fucked her. If she hadn’t already figured out how to suppress her gag reflex, she’d definitely be choking by now. After a minute of getting face fucked, she pulled away and took his cock back her hand. She was starting to get wet herself now. She loved the feeling of being face fucked, of being used and abused. She was sucking his dick to get him to write an essay for her! She thought of letting him fuck her, but she decided to save it for another time.

“You want to cum in my mouth or on my tits?” She asked him.

“Your mouth!” Tyler answered happily.

Rikki smiled, and keeping her hand at the base of his shaft, engulfed his dick again. She started working her hand up and down a bit, while bobbing her head and licking the tip of his dick. Tyler reached down and started to play with her boobs while she did this. He was in heaven, and wouldn’t last much longer. After a couple minutes of this, he told her he was about to blow, and grabbed the back of her head and started to face fuck her again. His cock hit the back of her throat, again and again, as he moaned loudly.

“Oh god here it comes!” He nearly shouted.

Spurt after spurt came rushing out of his dick, Rikki couldn’t believe how much he could cum. But she swallowed load after load until nearly 10 seconds later he stopped cumming.

She let his dick out of her mouth with a pop, and they both started to laugh.

“Holy shit” Tyler said, “ That was amazing.”

“I’m glad you liked it! You’re cum tastes so good” Rikki said, still tasting it in her mouth.

“I guess I have to write that essay for you now huh?” Tyler asked.

“Yup! Maybe I’ll even award you again after writing it.” Rikki said with a wink, then leaned forward, and licked some remaining cum off his dick. Then she stood up, and walked back to the bed. She was really starting to like this deal. She wondered how much further they would end up going, and if she would have to eventually fuck him to make him keep doing her work for her.

But for now, she knew she could focus on her other work.