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Ralph At 50 part 2

2022-10-09 00:20:13

Ralph At 50 part 2

My name is Ralph. I am a light skin Black man. I am 50 years old. I am 6-4 in height and weigh 210 pounds. I am a recently retired computer technician. I have met his 19 year old Indian girl. Her name is Anika. I will continue the story where I left off in part 1.

So Anika and I feel asleep after a furious night of me digging deep into the canyons of Anika’s tight pussy hole. It’s now Sunday morning and Anika is still sleeping. She is so damn pretty even in her sleep. A young girl in a grown woman’s body.

Let me describe Anika to you.

She is a light skinned black Indian. She is 5-9 in height and is 142 pounds. She has one nice big round delicious ass. Grapefruit sized breast, Long legs and long jet black hair. She is 19 years old.

So as I said earlier Anika was still sleeping as I woke up. I move to the other side of the bed to face Anika. I then pull back the top sheet. Then I moved up so that I could start licking and sucking her nice tits. I first started with licking her nipples. When they became hard I started sucking them. Then I concentrated on just one nipple.

Then I heard a moan from Anika. She reposition herself. Now she is sleeping on her back. I quickly took advantage of Anika repositioning herself as she slept. I then moved between her legs. I then took my dick and gently rubbed up and down Anika’s pussy slit. Her slit was unbelievably wet. I guess even in her sleep if I sucked her nipples her pussy would still get wet. As I gently massaged Anika’s pussy slit I could see the wetness starting to drip out of her love box. I heard a long drawn out moan from Anika. Then her legs opened wider. I could just imagine what she was dreaming of.

So because Anika opened her legs wider I could move my knees just a little closer to her love box. So now I was able to rub my whole dick head inside Anika’s wet pussy lips. As soon as I did that I heard another moan from Anika. This time she moved one hand and rested it on her breast. Anika was still sleeping. I looked up to see what was happening. I could see her hand slowly rubbing her tits. Her nipples were hard. As I went up and down Anika’s pussy slit her pussy began to open up. I was now able to get 3 whole inches of my 7 inch dick in Anika’s pussy hole. I was going in and out , in and out ver very slow.

Anika started fidgeting and moaning louder. I could see that she was waking up. I picked up the pace and gave her more dick. Then there was loud moan and Anika reach for her love box , not knowing what was going on. Then she realized that it was me drilling for gold. Then I shoved my whole 7 inches up into Anika’s love hole. Anika took a deep breath and gasped for air. Anika said good morning baby and wrapped her legs around my ass. I was now giving Anika some nice good morning wake up dick.

She was moaning out loud and breathing hard. She had me in a tight grip as I was really fucking her now. As soon as I started hitting her cervix that’s when she put me in that bear hug. She also locked her legs with her feet. Then Anika cried out my name as she begun to cum.

Yes I was giving her an early Sunday morning fucking. Anika came with an easy orgasm. Nothing like the multiple violent orgasms that she had last night.

I kept fucking her as I was humping and grinding on her clit. This way I kept the tip of my dick on her cervix. Anika was going nuts. I was fucking her like this for 9 minutes. I could feel the muscles in her pussy contracting right on my 7 inch dick. Then she came all over my dick. She now had a clamp on my dick with her strong pussy muscles. It felt like her pussy was sucking my dick. What a feeling. That made me cum right away. That made me cum deep down in the depths of her warm canyon. I flooded her warm pussy with my hot cum. I could hear her breathing heavy. Anika then unlocked her legs as they were wrapped around my ass. Anika also released me from that bear hug. Then she kissed me on the side of my neck. As she was showing me her appreciation of me fucking her real good to start the day.

We then got up and took a shower. Before I got into the shower I ordered breakfast.

As we were watching the Sunday morning news the food delivery man buzzed my apartment from the outside. I buzzed him in. 2 minutes later he buzzed my door buzzer. So we got the food and Anika and I ate breakfast. I had grapefruit juice and orange juice in the refrigerator to go along with the breakfast. After breakfast I went to sit in the chair. I opened up my bathrobe and told Anika to come and sit on my lap. Anika took off her robe and put it on the couch. Then she came and sat on my lap. Her nice big ass was resting on my sleeping dick. I kissed both her tits. Then I wrapped my arms around her. I asked her what are you going to tell your boyfriend. Anika said “before I tell him anything. I want to hear this from you. I want to know will you give me this dick when I want it.

Will you give me this dick when I come over. Also how often do you want me to come over. I need you to tell me how many days a week will you want to fuck me. Anika says she is satisfied with just having weekend fucks. Friday Thru Sunday”.

I then kissed Anika’s neck. Then her tits. Then I licked her nipples. I said baby you can have this dick anytime you want it, 7 days a week. There is nothing than I like better is to be in a nice warm Indian pussy. Your warm Indian pussy. I love fucking you doggy style as I pound that nice big sweet ass of yours. You want to make this dick yours. Then next weekend you will have your chance. I want to see how good you will fuck me. But how do you feel about having a 50 year old black man. I mean I can supply you with all the dick you want or need. So think about it. So Anika now gets dressed. As her boyfriend will be back soon from his basketball tournament.

Before she leaves she pushes me up the door and drops to her knees. She then open my bathrobe and reaches for my dick. She then kisses it then gives me an expert blow job. Anika swallows all of my hot cum. Then she gets up and says bye baby. She then sneaks out of my apartment and goes down the stairs. Anika did not want her aunt next door to see her coming out of my apartment.

I then had a nice cold Corona beer with lime. I sat down on the couch. I thought about how lucky I am to have stumble on a nice piece of ass like Anika. I have never had a woman with a nice ass like hers. It’s a lot of ass but not for her body. Nice round succulent juicy ass. I got some real nice plans for that nice ass of hers. I fucked her so good and made her cum we both forgot how many times she came. I fucked her so good she told me that this pussy is yours even though she has a boyfriend. Yeah I got plans for that nice ass of hers.

It’s now Wednesday night. Anika calls me. She wants to cum over after work, after 8:00. Anika knows her aunt is getting ready for bed at that time. So Anika arrives at my place at 8:15. She is looking great as usual. She has on dark green tight fitting pants and a green satin blouse that cannot hide the swell of her breast. She is wearing black flats. Her hair is in a long braided ponytail draped over her left shoulder. Anika says hi baby as I quickly invited her in.

Once the door was closed Anika moves towards me and kisses me. She then walks over to the window to enjoy the view. I too am enjoying the view of her nice ass crammed into those pants. Anika just knows that I am enjoying looking at her nice ass. I join her at the window. I told you this was a nice view at night. Anika said you were right.

I know , just like I told you that I was going to make your pussy mine. Baby I’m gonna tell you this now. Anika you have the best pussy that I have ever tasted. I also love the way your nice body responds while I am fucking you, especially when I start hitting your cervix. Anika says “I know when you are hitting it, I start to go crazy. That’s why I am here tonight. I just couldn’t get the thoughts out of my head today. Thinking about how I had my legs wrapped and locked around your ass as you were hitting it.

Thinking about having your strong warm body pressed against mine. Your chest smashing my breast. And finally your nice 7 inch Dick making my pussy wetter on each of your downstrokes.” Damn baby your making my dick hard just listening to you. Come and take a shower with me.

So we got rid of clothes and jumped into the shower. I love soaping up Anika’s grapefruit sized tits. I scrubbed her back then I knelt and held Anika’s waist and kissed both sides of her beautiful ass. Then I finished washing up and got out of the shower. I lit one of the scented candle, put on some nice soft music and turned down the lights. I then laid in my bed waiting for her pretty ass.

Ten minutes later Anika got out of the shower and came into the bedroom with a towel draped around her breast. She dropped the towel onto the edge of the bed. Then she joined me in the bed. Anika laid right on top of me. Her breast were pressed onto my chest. The soft hair of her bushy pussy covered my dick. I could feel the warmth of her body. I had her big round beautiful ass cupped in my hands. I could feel the awakening of my dick trying to find its way through the thick forest. During all of this Anika and I were playing tongue tag.

She had her tongue buried in my mouth. Then I would have my tongue buried in her mouth. We are exchanging our fluids.

Anika started grinding her hairy pussy on my now awoke dick. It was getting hot up here in this bed. I was spreading her ass cheeks ass as Anika continued grinding her pussy on my now hard dick. She raised up a little to adjust my dick so that it was laying on the bottom portion of my stomach. Then she lowered her clit right onto my dick. Then she started grinding her clit on my dick. Soon I could feel her pussy juices dripping onto my hardened dick. Ten or so minutes Anika came and I did not have to do anything. As Anika was cumming I could feel her grip on me tightening. She had just stop playing tongue tag with me as she moaned real loud as she broke away from the kiss. My dick was now totally wet from her dripping pussy juices and cum.

Anika moved down between my legs. Anika kisses my dick then starts licking my balls then my dick. Anika licks her juices , her cum and my pre cum off of my dick. Then she kissed the head of my dick and slowly slid it into her lovely mouth. Damn she looks so sexy with those luscious lips wrapped around my dick as she was sucking it. Now she started squeezing my balls as she had at least 4 inches of my dick in her mouth. Anika loved the feeling of making my dick grow in her mouth. Now Anika is sucking only the head of my dick. Her hot tongue is massaging the underside of my dick head. That is a more sensitive area. She knows exactly what she is doing. Then Anika goes back to sliding her mouth up and down the shaft of my dick. She is sucking my dick very good. On a scale of 1 to 10, Anika gets a 12+ for sucking dick. That’s beyond expert level, I gave her that rating because her pussy is getting very wet while she is sucking my dick with passion.

In 10 minutes Anika knows that I am ready to cum. She can feel my balls tightening up. Now she squeezes my shaft and is sucking my dick faster. Anika hears me groan. Then I call out “Baby that’s the way to suck this dick”. Then I hugged her with my right arm as my dick exploded in her hot wet mouth.

Three tremendous spurts hitting the back of her throat. Then the remnants of my cum dripping onto Anika’s tongue. Anika then swallows every last bit of my hot cum. She wipes her mouth with her fingers and then sucks her fingers. I was breathing hard when I asked her did she like my nice hot cum. Anika said yes. I had to get use to it but now I love it. It’s so creamy. Now come and lay on me so that I can taste that nice wet leaking pussy of yours.

So Anika gets into the 69 position with her on top. Immediately I started lapping up her juices. Anika has taken my still sensitive dick and started sucking it again. In 5 minutes she has my dick hard again. Now she start sucking my balls and jerking me off. In less than 10 minutes she makes me cum again. I flood her mouth again and again she swallowed everything. Then she tells me to turn over. She knows she is in command. Damn her. So I turned over on my stomach. Then Anika kisses the middle of my back and then runs her tongue right down the middle of my back. Then Anika kissed my ass cheeks. Then she kissed the bottom of my back. Now she licked down my ass crack.

Her tongue then settled right on my ass hole. Then she slowly massaged my ass hole with her hot tongue. Then she started probing the tip of her tongue into my ass hole. Damn this was good. She had my ass cupped in each hand. As she started probing deeper into my ass hole. Then she started fucking my ass hole with her hot tongue.

She really surprised me when she started licking my ass hole. What a pleasant surprise. I was spread eagle on my stomach and she was fucking me in my ass with her hot tongue. After 5 minutes she told me to turn over. As I turned over, I looked at her shaking my head and just smiled.

Now Anika moved between my legs. She then raised my legs so that my feet were planted on the sheet and my knees were up.

Now Anika lowered her head and once again stuck her hot tongue into my ass hole. As Anika assaulted my ass hole with her tongue she started jerking me off. In 2 damn minutes I came. Never in my life did I cum that fast. Anika stopped jerking me off and stuffed my cum coated dick into her mouth. She cleaned my dick good as there were no traces of my cum on my dick. I said damn baby that was special. Anika smiled as she wiped her cum coated mouth.

I had to stop this show of hers. She was turning me into her bitch. Damn and she was only 19. I rolled to the side but she tried to stop me. She then said in a commanding voice, I am not done with you. I then forced my way up , flipped her over onto her back. I was surly not going to let her have her way with me.

I then pinned down her arms onto the bed. Our arms were over our heads. My weight was on top of her. She struggled to escape. I then kissed her on her neck. My dick was resting on her clit. I started grinding on her clit as I continued kissing her neck. She attempted one last time to escape. I raised up just a little so that my dick could slide down between her legs onto her wet pussy. My dick smelled it’s way to Anika’s wet pussy crack. My dick was still searching for the door to her nice pussy hole. I tried raising up and down several times. Finally my dick was knocking on the door of Anika’s pussy hole. Then with one careful push I had 4 inches of my dick in Anika’s nice hole. When that happened I could hear a loud moan from Anika. She had stopped fighting me. She had stop trying to regain command again. Now I was punishing her for what she was trying to do to me , what she had done to me. I started pounding that sweet pussy of hers. Then when I hit bottom, hitting her cervix. More moans came from Anika. I then started grinding and humping on her clit. This drives her crazy. Then she wrapped her legs around my ass and locked her legs.

She has now surrendered her pussy to me. Her pussy has now surrendered to my dick. I kept massaging her cervix with the tip of my dick. Anika started breathing faster and heavier. She started moaning loudly. I let go of her pinned down arms and she immediately hugged me tight as if her life depended on it. And then she called out my name “Oh Ralph Baby” as she came all over my dick. I was back in charge. I kept fucking her sensitive throbbing pussy. Anika said baby please no more. I kept pounding away for another 5 minutes and Anika came again. I still was pounding her pussy when she started crying. 3 minutes later and she came for me again. Then 4 minutes later I came deep down in her convulsing pussy. Now I rolled over off of her and she laid in the bed whimpering. Juices were freely flowing out of her quivering pussy onto the sheet.

Now Anika got up put on her clothes said goodbye and quickly left. I think she is really mad at me. I just had to show her that I was in command, not her. So the weekend comes and goes. I don’t hear anything from Anika. It is not the weekend for her to visit her aunt. So on Monday I go to the candle shop and Anika says hello Ralph as I entered. I said hi baby. I then pick up 2 small and 2 large Apple Passion scented candles.

Anika bagged the items , I paid for them. Then said sorry about last week. Anika coldly said do you want anything else. I said I want you. Anika said you had me. You were fucking me like I was a ten dollar whore. I would never do that and sorry you felt that way. Anika said have a nice day Ralph.

Over the next few weekends, Anika did not knock on my door. I never knew when and if she was still coming to visit her aunt. I went to the candle shop but was told she no longer works there. Three months had passed. Boy did I screw up things between Anika and myself. Then one day while I was driving to the supermarket I saw Anika walking. I quickly parked my car and tried to locate her. No luck.

Then two weeks later I am getting on the elevator, then I hear someone say hold the elevator please. So I held the door open. I looked up and it is Anika’s aunt. As the elevator gets to our stop Anika’s aunt starts to get off. She stumbled and falls. The elevator stop 4 inches short of the leveled floor. I quickly helped her up and helped her to her apartment. She thanked me. Two weeks have passed since that elevator incident. I needed some more candles so I went back to the candle shop. There is this lady who is bending over. I take it , it was the sales lady. So the lady gets up and I was shocked. It was Anika. Anika was shocked as well. I said hi Anika. Anika replied hi Ralph.

I then said how have you been. Anika said do you want your regular order. I said yes please.

So Anika walked over to get the candles. Damn that nice ass brought back memories. Like usual Anika caught me looking at her ass. So she put the items in a bag and I paid for them. As I was leaving Anika said thanks for helping my aunt when she fell. I said no problem and have a nice day.

Two weeks later I would return to the candle shop. Once again there was Anika. I said hi Anika. As she turned around she saw who had said hi to her. She then said hi Ralph. I said I miss you. I know I screwed up a good thing. It was not intentional. So for that I am saying sorry. I miss you baby. I miss dancing with you. I miss you laughing with me, I miss holding you, I miss kissing those soft lips of yours. I am truly sorry. Anika says sorry Ralph you had your chance. Then a woman in her late 20s comes into the shop. She walks over to Anika and says hi baby and gives Anika a kiss on her lips. I was shocked when that happen , but I calmly walked out of the store.

So another two weeks had passed. I went back to get more candles. Anika bagged the items. I paid for them and left the shop. One week had now gone by. I am just about to go swimming when Anika gets off the elevator. She sees me by my apartment door. We are looking directly into each other’s eyes. She is now just about to pass me to go visit her aunt. I don’t know what came over me but I grabbed Anika by her arm and pulled her into my apartment.

Anika yelled get off of me Ralph.

I then tried to kiss her. This would at least keep her from yelling again. I had an instant hard on. As I tried to cover her mouth with my hand she yelled out again, get off of me. I then was able to covered her mouth with my hand. I kissed her on her neck. She was struggling to break free. I kissed her on her neck some more. Anika was still struggling to get free. Anika once again said get off of me. Then I whispered in her ear and said “If I was younger I would marry your pretty ass. I screwed up. This old man loves you. I screwed up and I am sorry”. I then kissed her neck a few more times. My body was pressed against her as I had her squeezed between me and the wall. Anika then said get off of me Ralph. Again I kissed her on her neck. She seemed to stop struggling. I went to kiss her on her lips but she turned away. She was just saying Ralph don’t do this. By this time my dick was firmly pressed against her black shorts. Pressed against her love triangle. I started to rub the side of her body. Then my hands drifted up to her breast. To my amazement she was not wearing a bra. I started to massage her grapefruit sized tits. Then I tweaked her nipples.

Then I raised her white T shirt.

I then started licking her tits. I could feel her body just slump down a bit as if she had surrendered herself to me.

I started sucking on her nipples. I heard a slight moan. Anika protested weakly as she said Ralph please don’t do this. I kept sucking on her now erect harden nipples. I tried to kiss her again. She once again turned her head away and weakly protested again. Then while sucking on her nipples, I started massaging her pussy covered shorts. I immediately heard another moan. Then I started rubbing her clit over the shorts. I got another moan as she softly called out my name “Ralph”. Part in protest, part in pleasure. Then I unfastened her shorts and slipped my hand under the waistband of her panties. Anika’s pussy was indeed wet. I ran my fingers up and down her wet pussy slit a few times. Then I started massaging her erect clit. Anika spread her legs to give me more access to her hot wet pussy. I heard a moan but wasn’t exactly sure what she had moaned. I stopped sucking her nipples and kissed Anika on her neck. I was still massaging her clit. Now I tried to kiss her on her soft sensuous lips again. This time she did not turn her head away. This time I was able to land my lips upon hers.

I then started sliding my fingers up and down her wet pussy slit. I was still massaging her clit on each pass. Then she moan out what I thought maybe I heard earlier. “Baby”. As she moaned my tongue slid into her mouth.

Now Anika was cumming. Her legs started to tremble. She started playing tongue tag with my tongue. And she hugged me tight as she came. I then dropped to my knees, pulled her shorts and panties down and buried my face in her hot wet pussy. Anika jumped but her dripping wet pussy accepted my hot tongue. Her pussy must have recognized my hot tongue, her old friend. And in recognizing her old friend Anika spread her legs even wider. My nose, mouth and chin was in Anika’s pussy. Anika then put both her hands on my head thereby forcing my face and tongue deeper into her pussy.

Now I stuck my tongue in her pussy hole. I was now fucking her pussy hole with my tongue. 4 minutes of tongue fucking her pussy hole Anika came for me again. She was breathing heavy as I had made her cum two times in less than 20 minutes. I then brought her over to the couch and gently laid her down on it. I was kissing her again and she was kissing me. I took off my shorts and laid between her legs. I ran my dick up and down her wet dripping pussy. Anika jumped and moaned at the feel of my hot dick probing the inner lips of her hungry pussy. I then put my dick in her pussy hole Anika called out my name

”Ralph Baby”. I immediately got to work. I shoved all 7 inches of my dick down into her pussy hole. I started off by pounding her pussy. Then as soon as I started hitting her cervix I started humping and grinding on her pussy. She would go crazy when I use to fuck her like that. This time it was no different as she wrapped her legs around my ass and locked her legs with her feet. She called out my name several times as I was really fucking her good. “Ou Baby , fuck me , fuck me Ralph, fuck me baby , fuck me Ralph, fuck me baby, fuck me, Ooo, OOOoooo”. Then she came all over my dick. She squirted all over my dick , me and the couch. Then 7 seconds later she came again. She had multiple orgasms. I was still fucking her. Then I unloaded my hot cum deep down into her throbbing pussy. She was now crying. Not from pain but from the pleasure I had just given her, the pleasure that she was missing, the dick she was missing. I know that when I am massaging her cervix with the tip of my dick, there is a good chance that she will squirt and sometimes followed by another orgasm. Anika lays on the couch panting. Exhausted from the fucking she just got.

I then lick her nipples and then start sucking them. She starts to moan. Then I move up to kiss her. We played tongue tag as she is now hugging me. Then she says Ralph baby. I missed you too.

So Anika sits up , still breathing hard and says do you usually take what you want. I replied I am sorry. I don’t know what came over me as you walked past me. I just had to have you. I just wanted to feel your soft lips on mine again. Anika then stands up, walks over to me, takes my hand kisses it and leads me to my bedroom. She pulls the top covers down and lays in the bed. I am totally surprised at her actions. I joined her in bed. I then started kissing her passionately. Then I slid my hand under her T shirt. I start massaging her tits. I slid her T shirt up and started sucking her nipples. Anika hugs my head with both hands. I am now feasting on her tits as if I was a newborn baby sucking her nipples for milk.

Anika says “easy baby , easy”. I then ease up on the pressure that I was sucking her tits with.

Now I removed her T shirt and I was gently sucking her hardened nipples. Anika is now totally naked in my bed again. I started massaging her pussy slit again. Then her clit. Then I slipped three fingers into her wet pussy hole. The palm of my hand was facing upwards as I started to massage her G Spot.

Anika was now moaning and grinding her nice ass in the bed.

Her spongy G Spot had now grown. I picked up the tempo. My fingers were now operating in a fast piston like manor. Anika’s legs widened. She clutched her breast with her hands. Her head was turning from side to side. Her mouth was open and her eyes closed.

Anika was humping on my fingers. Anika was moaning my name over and over and over as she came. When she was cumming she closed her strong thighs right on my hand and arm. She had my hand in a vice grip. She was still grinding her ass into the bed. Anika had mauled her tits. Both her tits had marks on them. Anika is now laying in my bed spread eagle, relaxed and content. I now move between Anika’s legs and gently lick her soaking wet pussy slit. Her pussy is still sensitive so I lick her quivering pussy nice and slow. After 5 minutes I moved my tongue to her pussy hole. Damn the smell of her sweet pussy is intoxicating. I am now tasting the blend of my cum , her cum and her juices. Anika grabs my head. She tells me what I am doing is good but she wants me to fuck her right now.

So I moved up and laid on Anika’s body holding most of my weight off of her with my knees and arms. My dick is resting on her clit, my chest is pressed on her breast. I then kiss her neck several times. Then I planted my lips on her soft lips. We played tongue tag for 5 minutes. During

this time I was grinding my dick on her clit. Anika then said baby I want you to fuck me now , I need you to fuck me now. Please baby put it in now. Damn she almost sounded desperate for this dick. At that moment I wondered when was the last time she had some dick. In any case I raised up a little to place my hardened dick right in her pussy hole. Before I could even push my dick in Anika’s hungry pussy, she raised her lower back and ass up to force her pussy up onto my dick. I then forced her ass back down to the sheets with one strong push of my dick into her soaking wet pussy. Anika let out a real loud moan as she yelled “BABY”. I then started fucking her real good. Not too slow but not too fast either.

Then when her pussy was opened enough I could feel my dick hitting her cervix. Now I started humping and grinding on her pussy. Yes I was once again massaging her cervix with the tip of my dick. Anika immediately wrapped her legs around my ass and locked them with her feet. She kissed me on my neck in appreciation of what I was now doing to her love box. Anika now had me in a bear hug. She was fucking me back.

Meeting my every downstroke with her forceful upstroke. We were not just going up and down. We were rotating our asses in unison. We were like two wild animals in heat. Like two dogs. I think you would have to had thrown ice cold water on us to stop this carnal fuck session. The smell of sex overpowered the scented candles that were burning. Could you image a 50 year old man giving this now 20 year old beauty some dick like this. Anika had dug her fingernails deep into my back.

I was whispering all kinds of dirty erotic things in her ear. In Just 5 minutes of fucking like this Anika came. Not only did she cum she squirted like I have never seen before. It was if she drank a gallon of water. She just squirted and squirted. During this time I kept fucking her. I could feel the warm spurts of her squirting on my dick. It was my dick was getting a VIP car wash. Then I came while she was still squirting.

We laid in a pool of sex. I then kissed Anika and I told her that was the best sex that I ever had. She smiled and kissed me.

I then said don’t be mad but I have to get out of this swimming pool. Anika laughed and said yeah I have to get out too. I lifted her hand and led her out of the bed. I led her to the shower. I turned on the water. In the bathroom I pushed her against the wall and I started sucking her nipples. Anika wrapped her arms around my head. Then I kissed her and said thanks. Anika said thanks for what. I said thanks for letting me seduce you. “Ralph baby you did not seduce me, you raped me. You raped me and took what you wanted. You raped me and I surrendered my body to you. You raped me and I welcomed it. You raped me and I loved you for it. You raped me and I loved it. After you started rubbing my pussy, I knew that I wanted to feel that nice big dick of yours deep in my pussy again. I knew that I needed that big dick of yours massaging my cervix. Baby I missed that, I needed that”.

So now the bathroom was steamed up not only from the running hot water of the shower. We got into the shower. I scrubbed Anika’s back, soaped up and massaged her tits. Then I kissed the back of her neck. I then kissed both sides of her ass and got out of the shower. I then put on my bathrobe and went into the living room.

15 minutes later Anika then exited the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her breast. She sat down next to me on the couch. She said that she has to get dressed to visit her aunt. Then she asked me could she cum back after visiting her aunt. I said why are you asking me that, you know you can. You know I want you to. Of course you can cum back. Anika says but before I leave..... then Anika took off her towel and dropped to her knees right between my knees. Looked at my dick and said hi baby. Anika then kissed the head of my mushroom head dick. She licked the sides of my dick. Now she inserted the head of my dick into her warm Indian mouth. She started sucking the head of my dick. She was massaging underneath the bottom of my dick head with her hot tongue. Then she started sucking as much of my 7 inch dick that she could get into her mouth. Then she assaulted my dick right in front of me. She was squeezing my balls , jerking my dick and sucking my dick hard. She did that once before and I came in 5 minutes. It was no different this time. In 6 minutes I flooded her warm mouth with multiple spurts of my hot cum as it hit the back of her throat. She welcomed my cum in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop. She then went to the bathroom to rinse her mouth. Then she got dressed and then she said bye baby , smiled and left to visit her aunt next door.

Anika quickly exited my apartment and went to her aunt’s apartment. Her aunt hugs and kisses her. Anika has been in her aunt’s apartment for almost 3 hours. During their many conversations her aunt started a new topic.

Her aunt tells Anika that the guy next door is really a nice guy. You know the guy that I told you about. The guy that helped me to my apartment after I stumbled and fell getting off of the elevator. Anika’s aunt then said sometimes she has heard a woman crying out loud while they are having sex. He is truly enjoying his self. To tell you the truth Anika I get turned on just hearing the woman saying all kinds of things as he is making love to her.

Anika says aunty please !!!

Her aunt then says that he is cute too and has a nice body. I think he is about 40-45 years old.

Anika do you think he would like someone like me. I do still have a nice ass and great boobs.

Anika again says aunty please !!

Anika is shocked that her aunt would even think about hooking up with Ralph. Now it’s time for Anika to leave. She leaves her aunt’s apartment and walks down to the elevator. She then calls Ralph to open the door as she is coming to his apartment.

Ralph opens his apartment door and looks out. Anika starts walking back down the hall to Ralph’s apartment. Anika quickly entered his apartment.

Ralph quickly closes and locks the door. Once Anika has entered my apartment I pushed her up against the door and started kissing her. I told Anika that I missed her. Anika says baby it’s only been 3 hours. I then said baby I missed you. Anika then hugs me. Anika then says if you missed me then show me. I dropped to my knees, pull her shorts and panties down. I parted her thick her jet black hair that was covering her pussy slit. I then licked up and down her pussy slit until it became real wet. Then I massaged her clit for a while. I did not want her to cum while I was licking and sucking her clit, I had other plans. I stuck my hot tongue into her pussy hole. I started a nice slow massaging of her pussy hole. Anika loves when I fuck her pussy hole with my hot tongue. I picked up the tempo of this tongue fucking that I was giving her. Anika tried desperately not to moan too loud, but after I started fucking her pussy hole faster and deeper with my hot tongue, Anika cried out really loud. I knew that if any of my neighbors at this end of the hall were home that they could clearly her cries of pleasure. Anika came for me. She had not even been in my apartment for 10 minutes and her cum and juices were running down her legs. She motioned for me to get up. Anika then kissed me and lapped up all of her juices on my pussy coated face. She then she said lovingly, your bad baby.

So I said baby you can’t even keep your pants up when you come to my apartment. Anika said what !!! you are the one that’s always taking them off of me. We both laugh.

I asked her do you want a nice cold Corona with lime. She says no, but some Zinfandel would be nice. Anika asks me can she spend the night. I said baby you don’t have a choice. I am going to rape you again tonight. Anika said you promise. I said you can count on it and I am going to order lunch for us right now. Anika says that’s good because she was starving. I asked her what do you want to eat. She stuck her fingers into her mouth, smiled and said besides your big dick , maybe Mexican or Chinese. We both laughed again. I then told Anika I hope you never ever get tired of playing hide the salami with me.

We both laughed.

So it’s almost 4:00. I asked Anika would you like one of my special body massages. Anika said a special massage. I won’t pass that up. The Chinese food has now been delivered and we are eating and watching tv. Then we sat on the couch drinking wine. I told Anika i would love to take you out dancing. Anika said baby I would love that. We could also go to dinner at some out of the area places. Anika says why out of the area places. So your aunt , relatives or friends don’t see us out together. Anika says baby I don’t care if they see us. I then said so why do you basically run into my apartment when you come. I just don’t want my aunt to see me , at least just not yet.

And by the way she has heard us while we are in bed. She heard a woman crying out loud while they are having sex. She told me that today. She thinks you are cute and have a nice body for someone that is about 42 years old. She also says hearing all that’s going on in your bedroom that makes her so horny. No wonder she started looking at me differently and recently started smiling at me.

Ralph !, Ralph baby you better not touch my aunt ! I jokingly said she does have a nice ass. Anika punched me in my arm. Anika shook her head and shook her finger at me in a threatening way. Then she laughed. I poured Anika some wine as she was sitting down on the couch.

It’s now 7:00. I took a quick shower. After my shower I ran a nice hot bubble bath with epsom salt for Anika. I put two small lit Apple Passion candles in the bathroom. I then turned on a remote music speaker. I played some nice soft music. I also put one king sized bath towel on the floor and adjusted the heat upwards. I then put a bath towel and wash cloth on the bathroom sink top. A new bar of Dove scented soap on top of the washcloth. And finally I put a glass of Zinfandel on the side of the bathtub. I then went out to the living room kissed Anika and led her to the bathroom. Anika then said Oh My god, for me ?? , thanks baby. I then push Anika against the bathroom wall. Then I raised Anika’s arms over her head as I pressed my body into hers. I then kissed Anika as she moaned. We briefly played tongue tag. Then I started massaging her tits with my mouth over her T shirt. I then lifted her T shirt and and Anika hugged me. I immediately started sucking her nipples. Anika moaned “Baby”. I then removed her T shirt. I then started massaging her pussy covered shorts. Then I unfastened her shorts. I dropped to my knees and pulled her pants and panties down to her feet. I then parted her thick jet black hair that covered her pussy slit. I then massaged her clit until her juices and cum flowed down into my mouth. Yes Anika came for me. Now I have disrobed her. Now Anika steps out of her shorts and panties that have dropped to her feet. I then help Anika into the tub as she stepped in. Anika says this water is nice and warm. I said good and kissed her. I then got the washcloth and soap. I then washed Anika’s back as I gently kissed her on the back of her neck. I then kissed her on those succulent luscious lips of hers. And then I got up and left closing the door behind me.

I went into the bedroom with some kelly green satin sheets that I got from the linen closet. I then changed the sheets on the bed replacing them with the satin sheets. I lit a scented candle. I turned the lights down low. I then brought a chilled bottle of Zinfandel and two glasses into the bedroom.

I went back to the linen closet and got five hand towels and a wash cloth. I put 3 hand towels in a bowl of water and put the bowl in the microwave. I put the other two hand towels in another bowl of water. I went back into the bedroom with the damp wash cloth and the bowl with the two towels in it.

I then turned off the lights leaving only a single scented candle burning. I then oiled up my body with baby oil, took of my robe and laid down in the bed waiting for my baby to get out of the bathroom. She is truly my exotic sex goddess. Damn that nice round juicy ass of hers.

So now Anika enters the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her barely covering her breast and certainly not covering all of her nice ass. She again says baby I love all of this.

Anika drops her towel onto the carpeted floor. She then crawls onto the bed like a wild cat hunting for prey. Anika starts licking my ankle and continues right up to my awaiting dick. Then she start licking my balls, then my dick again. Without using her hands, my dick is in her mouth. I guess you could say that she captured her prey. Anika then started sucking the head of my mushroom head dick. Now she is rubbing my lower stomach and with the other hand squeezing my balls.

Now she stop rubbing my stomach and now she is squeezing my dick with that hand. So Anika is squeezing my balls and my dick as she is sucking the head of my dick. I have to stop her. She wants me to feed her. Her milk will be fed to her but later tonight.

I then quickly push Anika off of me and roll her onto her back. Anika gets a little frustrated as she wanted to be fed my milk. I laid on top of her. My hard dick resting on her clit. My chest resting on her tits. My tongue in her mouth as we are exchanging our fluids. Then I tell her to get ready for an exotic, erotic massage. Anika looks at me and smiles.

I now get the baby oil. I have now rolled Anika onto her stomach. I pour some oil on her feet and some in my hand. I started massaging her feet, then her ankles then the ball of her feet. Then I stretched her toes. I then put one of the towels on Anika’s feet and massaged her feet over the cool wet towel. I hear a moan and Anika said damn baby that feels so good. I then poured some oil onto her legs. I massaged her calves and worked the muscles. Now I spread Anika’s legs so that I could now massage her thighs. I massaged her outer thighs then the inner portion of her thighs. Anika starts to fidget. Then I hear her moan. I run my fingertips lightly up and down her inner thighs. Another moan escaped Anika’s lovely mouth. I started massaging her upper inner thighs. Anika is moaning an anticipating me massaging her hungry awaiting pussy. I am not going to massaged her pussy, at least not yet. I purposely did not come closer than an inch from her gold mine. Now I moved to massage that glorious ass of hers. I poured more oil on her nice big round juicy ass and more oil in my hands. Then I slowly massaged her nice ass. Then I kissed her ass. I kissed both ass cheeks. I kneaded her ass. Then I used my thumbs to apply more pressure while massaging that beautiful soft ass. The I told Anika don’t move. I dashed to microwave and turn it on for one minute on high. I then took the bowl of hot eater that contained 3 towels. I dash back to the bedroom. Then I got back between Anika’s legs. I placed one of the hot towel on her nice ass. Anika moaned and said damn baby that feels really good. Then I started massaging her ass over the hot towel. Anika says baby I love it. Then I pour more oil on Anika’s back and started massaging her back. Anika said this is so relaxing. Then I gave Anika a tongue bath. Then I kissed the back of Anika’s neck. I then ran my tongue right down the middle of Anika’s back. Anika moaned as she managed to get “Damn Baby” out of her mouth. Then I took my finger tips and ran them down her spine this sent chills all over her body. Then I kissed her back and placed a hot towel on her back. I then massaged her back over the hot towel. Now o started massaging her shoulders. I gave her shoulders a nice deep massage to relieve any tension that she might have. Then I place the last of the three hot towels on her shoulders. I massaged her shoulders over the towel. Anika said baby this is so good. I don’t know how I can repay you for this nice treat. I then said you already have just by being my girlfriend. Anika says so I am your girlfriend. I said I damn sure hope so. Anika says fuck me now baby. I then told Anika I am only half way finished the massage. Anika says you mean there is more. I then said yep, now turn your ass over. Anika then said my your are really bossy and laughed. Anika then said you may think you own this pussy , but you don’t own me. I then slapped her on her ass and again said turn your ass over. Anika jumped when I slapped her on that big ass of hers. Anika then yelled out “Baby !!” but did in fact turn over.

I then got up and put the three towels back in the bowl of water and put it in the microwave and turned it in for 2 minutes. Once again I was back in the bedroom. I poured baby oil on Anika’s legs and massaged her legs and thighs. Then her inner thighs making sure not to come close to her gold mine. I once again told Anika not to move. I dashed to the kitchen to get the towels from the microwave. Once back in the bedroom I placed a towel on Anika’s thighs and massaged them over the towel. Now I spread Anika’s legs and started around her nice pussy, but not on it. I poured more baby oil on my hands and on Anika’s pussy. Now I ran my fingers in her ass crack I massaged her puffy ass hole. Anika now wiggles her ass in the bed. I hear a long soft moan “Babbyyyyyyyyy”. Now I start massaging her outer pussy lips. Anika moans again. Then I got another towel and laid it on her pussy. The towel also was placed on her ass crack. I then massaged her ass hole , ass crack and her pussy over the towel. Anika was grinding her ass into the bed sheet. I quickly took the towel off of Anika and tossed it on the edge of the bed.

I then took my tongue and parted Anika’s hairy pussy slit. Anika moaned out my name real loud “RALPHhhhhhhh , Ou baby”. I ran my tongue up and down her fat juicy pussy slit. It was no surprise to me to find that her pussy was already soaking wet. I then trapped her clit in my mouth. I started massaging the bottom of her clit with just the very tip of my tongue. Anika jumped, moaned and grabbed my head all in one motion. Ten seconds later she was cumming in my mouth. I then quickly moved my tongue to her Anika’s pussy hole. Anika tried to close her legs and tried to denying me. I forced her legs open and pinned her down on the bed. Anika cried out “Babyyy No , no baby, no baby”, but there was nothing she could do to stop my assault on her fat juicy sensitive pussy. Those pleas from Anika shorty turned to whimpering moans, then to louder moans.

Anika now had both hands on my head as I started fucking her sensitive pussy hole with my long hot tongue. Damn now she had forced my face down into pussy. I could hardly breathe. My nose was in her pussy slit, my chin was at the bottom of her pussy slit. I kept on tongue fucking her sensitive juicy pussy hole. The harder I fucked her with my tongue, the harder Anika forced my face into the folds of her pussy. Then she came and boy did she cum.

I came up for air. Anika was crying in pleasure. Her ass still digging and grinding in the bed. She was breathing hard. Then she started laughing. I then said what’s so funny. Anika said you baby. I was perplexed. Anika said baby all around your nose , mouth and chin is totally white. I then kneeled in the bed and looked in the mirror, only to find my face covered with her juices and cum. Anika had made a cream pie out of my face. I too then started laughing. Anika then said that’s what you get for being greedy. Then Anika said are you finished with this massage. I need you to fuck me. I need you to make love to me.

I said ok I’m not finished with the massage but I will stop now.

So now Anika tells me to sit on her chest so that she can suck my dick. I then placed my dick between her nice tits. Anika said Oh no !! Move up more. So I did now Anika can suck at least 3-4 inches of my dick. When Anika has my dick nice and hard. I then move down between her legs. I run my dick head up and down Anika’s still quivering pussy. Then I put my mushroom head dick right on Anika’s pussy hole. I started rotating my dick head on the rims of Anika’s pussy hole. Anika moans and says “come on baby please put it in, I need you to fuck me good then make love to me”. I lean over and kiss Anika. Anika starts licking the remnants of her cum off of my face. Then we play tongue tag. As we are playing tongue tag I shoved my 7 inch dick deep into Anika’s pussy hole. Anika jumps and almost bites my tongue. I start pumping and digging deep into Anika’s gold mine. I am now hitting her cervix. Anika now wrapped her legs around my ass and locked her legs with her feet. Whenever she does that she is basically telling me to keep fucking her just like that because I am hitting it. So I indeed kept fucking my baby just like that. In fact I fucked her for 15 minutes. In that time she came twice. On the second time when she cumming Anika dug her fingernails deep into my back. In the next two minutes I came and I dumped more than a mouthful of my hot cum deep down in the depths of her pussy. I had spurted 4 big spurts of cum into her womb. Anika moaned out “BABY, Ou baby I can feel your hot cum splashing deep down on the walls of my womb, DAMN”.

Now that you have fucked me good, now make love to me. So after 10 minutes to recover

I moved to start sucking Anika’s nice tits. I now have her nipples rock hard. Anika is hugging me as I mauled her tits. I now moved up to kiss Anika we play tongue tag for 2 minutes. As we are playing tongue tag I eased my dick into her throbbing pussy. I start grinding and humping on Anika’s hot soaking wet pussy. She loved it when I start grinding on her pussy thereby massaging her clit in the process. I then start hitting her cervix. Once again Anika wrapped her legs around my ass and locked her legs with her feet. Anika is moaning out loud. Then she says something unexpectedly. Anika says “I love you”. I was surprised but I kept fucking her. When I heard those words I gave it a little something extra. Anika hugged me real tight. Anika was now crying. I could not figure out why. But I was not going to let anything interrupt what what I was doing. I was now fucking Anika good and with love. With that little extra that I was now giving her, Anika came for me. As she was cumming it felt like an earthquake in her pussy, first the tremors and then the earthquake. Her muscles contracted on my dick.

Less than a minute later I came deep in her throbbing pussy.

Then I collapsed onto Anika. I was totally exhausted. My dick was totally exhausted. There was no way she would be able to raise the dead. I just rolled off of Anika’s heated body. Anika asked me if I was was OK. In an out of breath attempt, I managed to get out “I will be OK”. Anika says “thank you baby for giving me that nice fucking and then making love to me the way you did. I love you. Now come here and kiss me”. We kissed for a few minutes. Then Anika turned over onto her side. I scooted up behind her. My chest to her back. I then took my sleeping spent dick and placed it between Anika’s ass crack. I know my sleeping dick was happy, heck who wouldn’t be. Who wouldn’t want to be sandwiched between the softest nicest round ass. I then reached over Anika’s side and cupped her breast. I was now slowly massaging Anika’s nipple. I was kissing her on the back of her neck. I asked Anika why she was crying. Anika says “my tears were for you. I am thankful that you have made this pussy yours”. I then whispered in Anika’s ear. I love you baby but was afraid to tell you because I am 50 years old and you just turned 20. I did not want to cage a beautiful canary. So I did not want to say how I felt. By my actions you probably knew that I loved you. So where do we go from here. Your mother and aunt would kill me if they knew about us. Another issue my age. What happens when I can no longer give you this good dick. Baby I don’t want to trap you and I don’t want to lose you.

Anika said you won’t lose me and you will still have your tongue. Sure I will miss your nice big fat dick all up in me but you will still be able to satisfy me. I can still suck that nice big dick of yours. You can still massage the inside and the outside of my juicy pussy. And no one has licked and sucked my pussy as you have. So with that being said, what’s the problem. I then told Anika I just had to put that out there. Anika said fine now let’s move on. We will deal with my mother and aunt at another time. So kiss me baby and hold me tight.

I pulled the top sheet over us as we drifted off to sleep and dreamed of thing that could be.

Damn I feel young again.