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2022-07-03 00:00:05

”Ahhhhhh, I have it right here, a suite for three nights,” the young man at the check in counter offered. “Yes, yes!” Myra Banks replied impatiently. “For me and my niece!” After a few quick punches on the computer the young man handed Myra two electronic pass keys while ringing for a bell boy. “Take Mz. Banks and her niece to room 2134,” he said while nodding at the forty something mother and her pretty dark haired daughter. The bell boy hoisted the woman’s baggage onto a cart and led them over to a bank of elevators around the corner. “I’ve never been to New York,” eighteen year old Valerie opined as they ascended to the twenty first floor. The bell boy gave her a big smile and replied, “Well, I hope you have a wonderful time, there certainly is a lot to see and do.” “What about you, ma’am?” he asked. “I’ve been here hundreds of times,” she replied curtly, effectively bringing the conversation to a quick halt. Not another word was spoken until they were safely in their room when Myra slipped the young man a five dollar bill while saying, “Thank you young man, that will be all!” He tipped his red cap in thanks and quickly slipped out of the room, leaving the two women alone. Valerie ran over to the window and marveled at all of the buildings and how tiny the people looked down on the street below. Myra, however, took off her jacket and poured herself a drink. She took a long sip of her Scotch and water before ordering, “Come here, child, and make your mother comfortable.” The young woman quickly turned her attention to her aunt who was lounging in an over stuffed chair on the other side of the room. “What did you have in mind?” she asked softly while making her way towards her mother. “Take it all off,” the older woman said evenly. “Yes, ma'am,” Valerie replied quietly while unbuttoning her white blouse. Myra Banks’ steely gray eyes never left the young woman as a slight pang of desire flitted through her vagina. “Very nice,” she said under her breath as her daughter removed her 32a bra. Tiny breasts and puffy pink nipples stood proudly on the young woman’s perfectly formed body. Myra just loved the young woman's chest, almost like a little girl’s! Next came the skirt. Knee length and black, it hid what was a perfect heart shaped little ass. “I’m wearing the panties you gave me for my birthday,” Valerie said proudly. “I can see that,” she answered said approvingly. Now be a good little girl and let me take them off of you.” The tiny eighteen year old moved right up next to the older woman, and with her hands hanging limply at her side, allowed her mother to slip them down over her girlish hips and down around her knees. Now leaning back to get a better look, Myra looked approvingly at her niece before leaning forward again to caress her incredible supple young body. After tweaking her exquisite breasts and caressing her firm but plush bottom, the young woman moaned softly before whispering, “Ohhhhhh, god, just look at me, my penis is sooooooo hard!!!”

With her breathing coming more shallow, Myra smiled at her “niece” while asking softly, “Are you hard for me, dear?” “Ohhhhh, yesssss!!!” she replied happily. “Do you want me to make you feel nice?” “Do you want to?” Myra teased. “Please, can I?” she asked almost forlornly. “Well, I guess so,” Myra replied. “What do you want to do for her?” With her eyes shining brightly the young girl almost begged, “May I suck your vagina?” “I think that’s my favorite!” Myra could feel her pussy drenching her panties as she eyed the young girl hungrily. “Only if you promise to put your little erection in me after your done,” Myra said with a nod. “Are you wearing panties?” Valerie asked anxiously. “Of course I am, dear,” the older woman replied gently. “It wouldn’t be very lady like for me to go without them, would it?” “I guess not,” the young girl replied. “But I love lifting up your skirt and seeing your hairy pussy all wet a gooey.” “Well, how does this look?” she asked while standing up and lifting the hem of her tailored skirt. “Your panty crotch is all wet!” Valerie said excitedly. “Can I take them off?!?” “Of course you may,” Myra said with a sigh. “Auntie wants her baby to be happy!” With her tiny erection bobbing up and down with each step, the little transsexual dropped to her knees in front of the dripping woman and carefully pulled down her soaking wet underwear.

“Ohhhhhh, myyyyyyyy!!!” the young woman sighed while nosing the hairy muff. “I just love your pussy!” Myra threw her head back and let out a long low moan as the hungry mouthed little slut separated her bulging lips and caressed her fully erected clitoris. “Oh, darling,” she sighed, “you have such a talented tongue.” “Could you do me a big favor?” “Of course,” Valerie replied. “What is it?” “Could you tongue my asshole for her?” The young woman gave her mother a big smile, and without saying a word wormed her tongue between Myra’s fat cheeks and began rimming her puckered little bung hole. “Omigod!” the older woman gasped. “I-it feels so fucking nice!” The little slut alternated from clit to ass with great alacrity, until finally Myra grabbed her by the back of the head an held her mouth firmly against her exploding clit! “I-I’m cumming!” Myra gasped as her hips bucked up into Valerie’s open mouth. “Suck me, you little slut, eat your my big fat hairy pussy!” Little Valerie was a demon at cunt lapping, so she needed absolutely no urging to do the best job possible on hr mother’s gushing cunt! Then just when she thought it was over, the little bitch drove her tongue deep into her steaming pussy, inducing yet one more cum from her now twitching pussy!

With her legs splayed wide apart and little Valerie resting her face against her open crack, Myra finally regained enough composure to ask, “And what would you like your auntie to do for you?” Valerie sighed while drinking in the aroma of hot fresh pussy, and then in her small little girl’s voice asked, “C-could you suck my pecker and then let me put it into your pussy?” Myra’s heart literally quaked at the sincere look on her niece’s face as she asked for her sexual favors. “Of course I can, dear, you know how much auntie loves sucking her baby’s little cock.” “Ohhhhhhh goody!” Valerie exclaimed with glee as she stood up to show Myra her still rock hard little member! “Okay, honey!” Myra ordered. “Up with you now, bring it to your mommy!” The little minx quickly climbed up on the chair, and after straddling her mother’s wide hips, stood expectantly with her tiny cock just inches from her mother’s warm mouth. “Is that okay?” the young woman asked. “Just perfect, dear,” the old woman sighed while staring at Valerie’s clean shaven crotch. “You have a lovely cock.” “Thank you so much,” Valerie replied expectantly while leaning a little closer to her auntie's mouth. Myra smiled at the youngsters eagerness, but the pang building in her own loins quickly drove her to open her mouth and take the tiny erection into her warm wet mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh, myyyyy!!!” the young girl moaned. “I love having my little pecker in your mouth.” “You know just how to suck me.” “Thank you, child,” Myra replied softly. “Your cock is just perfect for sucking.” Valerie grabbed the older woman's shoulders for support as the tension in her little nut sack grew beyond her ability to control it. “I-I’m so sorry!!!” she moaned. “I can’t hold it back, I’m fucking cumming in your mouth!” Feeling the little organ stiffen slightly, Myra groaned loudly as she desperately tried to coax the hot cum form her niece’s hard little penis! Then as the young woman’s legs buckled, her little pecker spasmed hard as an unbelievable amount of cum jettisoned out the end of her pulsating little organ! Greedily the old woman wolfed down each and every drop of the life giving nectar, while at the same time cupping the cute little butt, one cheek in each hand! When her cum was finally over, Valerie slippled down and lay on her auntie’s lap while snuggling up against her massive breasts.

For the next ten minutes or so Myra caressed Valerie's ass and puffy nipples before whispering softly into her ear, “Are you ready, child, does your little pecker have a nice hard stiffy?” Valerie sighed deeply before turning around to expose her again rock hard little penis to her auntie’s still hungry gaze. “Do you want my penis in your vagina?” she asked quietly. “Does auntie need a good hard fucking?” “You have a naughty mouth, young lady!” Myra scolded. “But the answer is, yes, I want a good hard fucking from my hard dicked little girl!” Valerie quickly moved into position and without any trouble at all slipped her little erection into her mother’s gaping cunt! Even though her niece had a relatively tiny dick, for Myra it was better than getting fucked by a well hung porn star! Just knowing that her little one was fucking her with such a cute little hardon was incredibly arousing! Little Valerie pumped away at her pussy like a rabbit in heat, driving her little stake in and out of the fat pussy with almost frightening rapidity! Now as their climaxes built, Myra opened the front of her blouse, and after unhooking her massive bra, pulled the little slut’s mouth to one of her oversized tits! “Oh, dear!” Myra moaned as the hot little mouth attached itself to one of her nipples. “I’m cumming in rainbows!!!” It was just at that very moment that little Valerie’s little cock convulsed hard several times, before spilling another immense load of hot jizz, this time inside of her auntie’s overheated vagina!

Both women lay together in the middle of a post coital haze that made them both smile and sigh at the same time! Finally little Valerie offered while snuggling against a giant breast, “Thank you, Aunt Myra, you know just how to make me feel like a little girl!” Myra kissed the top of her head and replied softly, “And you know just how to make me feel like a pussy!”