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Mommy's Twisted Little Fucker

2022-07-02 00:00:04

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Ridiculous and despicable filth is contained in the following. Do NOT read if you are not turned on by hardcore mother/son stories.

There are many people that decide to read stuff they know they will think is worthless trash and then make an insulting, negative comment like, "You're sick! You're pathetic! I hope you die," after reading the story. I know that no matter what I say and no matter how much I warn you, you people will still read the story and then post a negative comment. This is because you are supercilious hypocrites. Why on earth would you read a story with sick codes that do not appeal to you and evident warnings? I shall ask for you to not post any negative comments but I'm sure you will.

The following story is clearly fictitious. Any resemblance to characters living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does NOT condone any of the activities portrayed in this work.

-This is inspired by and dedicated to King Mayonaise. Long Live The King.

[b]Mommy's Twisted Little Fucker [/b]

Johnny was a twisted, pathetic fuck with a giant dick. He was thirteen years old and lived with his mom and dad far out in the country. Johnny's cock was truly enormous. It was fifteen inches long and six inches thick when it was completely erect. When Johnny's dick was soft it hung eight inches limp and it would bulge obscenely in his sweatpants. He was a pathetic fuck because all he did was sit in his room and suck on his own dick while thinking about fucking his mother. His father, Bill, worked at a gas station forty miles away in town but his mother, Jane, was a housewife.
Johnny thought he must have gotten his huge cock from his mother's genes because she had huge, fat tits but he had seen his father's shriveled dick when his dad got out of the shower once. Johnny felt very good about himself after finding out his daddy had a tiny dick. On one Monday morning he had finally had enough of just slurping his own cum out of his cock and he decided to fuck his mother.
Johnny walked downstairs to the living room completely naked with his colossal fuck-stcik standing straight up. His beautiful, blonde mother was watching TV and he was surprised to see that she had her shirt off and her skirt hiked up. Jane was sucking on one of her tits and fingering her wet cunt while watching a soap opera.
"Hi Mommy. Looks like you're just as ready to fuck as I am."
"Holy shit!" Jane cried when she saw her son standing there, stroking his fifteen-inch baby-maker. "Jesus fucking Christ, Johnny! I knew you had a big dick but I had no idea how fucking enormous it's gotten! You wanna fuck your mommy's cunt? Huh? Is that what you want, you filthy little fuck!" Jane was consumed with lust after seeing her baby boy's mammoth fuck-apendage. She started slamming her hand up her sloppy, shaved fuck-hole and drooling onto her fat tits.
"You know, that's incest, don't ya? You don't mind committing incest with your mother?"
"Fuck no, Mommy. That's why I wanna fuck your cunt, because it's incest. I wanna fuck you and make a baby in your fucking cunt, Mommy!"
"Well then what the fuck are you waiting for? Come over here and fuck your mother, Son!" Jane laid back on the living room sofa and spread her legs wide open for her son. Johnny ran over to her and got between her spread legs. He took his fifteen-inch fuck-meat and started slapping it on her wet slime-hole.
"Ugh, fuck yeah, Son! Slap that fucking thing on my cunt. Beat your mother's cunt with your fucking cock!" Loud, wet, disgusting slapping sounds echoed around the room as Johnny cunt slapped his mother. Tears started rolling down Johnny's cheeks.
"I'm gonna put it in you now, Mommy! I'm gonna put my fucking cock in your cunt-hole, Mother!" Johnny spluttered.
"Fuck! Do it, Son! Fucking do it! Shove that cock inside your mother!" Jane was drooling and spitting all over her big tits as she cupped and squeezed them. Johnny aimed his engorged cock head at his mother's gooey fuck-crack and started to push it in. Jane's eyes bulged out of her sockets as she felt and watched her son's ungodly dick start to work its way up her fuck-channel. Inch after thick fucking inch of Johnny's cock squeezed its way inside his mother's slippery, pink cunt until he had managed to get a good twelve inches of his bloated tool inside his mommy's squirming twat. Johnny looked down at the filthy sight of his own dick lodged inside his mother's cunt. He started drooling onto his young teenage chest.
"It's in you, Mommy! My fucking dick is in your cunt, Mommy! Ugh, fuck! It feels so fucking good!" Johnny was sobbing by now. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. He was so overwhelmed by finally having buried his dick inside his mother.
"AHHHHHHHH! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!, SON! YOU'RE INSIDE MY CUNT! IT HURTS, BABY! OH FUCK! IT HURTS SO FUCKING GOOD! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR? START FUCKING ME! FUCK YOUR WHORE OF A MOTHER!" Jane wailed. Johnny moaned like a fuck crazed animal and started pulling out then pushing back in his cock. Pretty soon Johnny was fucking his mother like a maniac. He grabbed her ankles and held her legs wide open as he slammed his dick in and out of his hot mother.
"Jesus Christ, Mommy! Your cunt is so fucking tight and wet!" Johnny wailed.
"Ugh, don't sound so surprised, Son. The only dick I've had in it for the past thirteen years is your father's tiny worm-dick!" Though Johnny was still crying he smiled at hearing his mother's insulting talk about his father. He wanted to hear more while he fucked her.
"Tell me more, Mommy! Tell me how small Dad's dick is and how big mine is. Say it. Fucking say it!"
"Ugh, fine! Just keep fucking me, Johnny! Your father has the most pathetic dick I've ever seen in my life! It's only two inches long when it gets hard and he only dribbles out a few measly drops of semen when he comes. It's fucking pathetic! I almost threw up the first time I saw it!" Jane said, panting heavily while her son drilled her into the sofa.
"Hahahaha! Fuck yeah, Mommy! Daddy's got a tiny, little dick! Hahahahaha! He's a worthless fuck! But I've got a horse cock that I'm gonna fuck up your cunt every fucking day for the rest of my life! I'm gonna stretch your fuck-hole out with my fat cock, Mommy!" Johnny screamed. His demonic phallus was hammering into his mother's sodden cunt and making disgusting squelching sounds. Jane started laughing when she heard her son say this and smiled up at him while he plowed her.
"DO IT, SON! SQUIRT YOUR GOD DAMN CUM IN MY CUNT! HOSE DOWN YOUR MOTHER'S CUNT WITH YOUR INCEST-SPERM! I WANT YOU TO PUT A BABY IN MY WOMB! I WANNA HAVE MY OWN SON'S BABY KICKING IN MY FUCKING WOMB! IMPREGNATE ME! MAKE YOUR MOTHER FUCKING PREGNANT WITH YOUR JIZZ! KNOCK YOUR FUCKING WHORE-MOTHER UP WITH YOUR INCEST SEED!" Upon hearing his mother scream the most utterly filthy things he'd ever imagined, Johnny let go of her ankles and grabbed her giant tits and collapsed on her. He wrapped his lips around her rock-hard, right nipple and began sucking the hell out of it. His hands squeezed her tit-bags as he sucked away like a starving infant and fucked his cock into her as hard as he could. His lily-white bubble butt was bouncing up and down as he fucked the hole he had come from like his life depended on it. Right before he was about to come he pulled his mother's tit out of his mouth and screamed,
"I'M CUUUMMMING! FUCK YOU, MOMMY! FUCK YOU! I'M CUMMING IN YOUR FUCKING CUNT, MOMMA!" Johnny's grapefruit sized nuts sucked up and he began spewing load after thick load of jizz into his mother's hot cunt. He pumped so much jizz into his mother that it began spraying out of her pussy, all over his crotch. Milky-white loads of cock-cream blasted out of his mother's fuck-crack and soaked the couch cushions.
"HOLY FUCKING GOD, SON! YOU'RE DOING IT! YOU'RE FUCKING BLOWING YOUR CUM IN YOUR MOTHER'S CUNT! PULL IT OUT, BABY! PULL YOUR COCK OUT AND SQUIRT THE REST ON MY FUCKING TITS!" Jane yelled. Johnny was reluctant to take his dick out of his mother but he managed to reach between them and grab the base of his spurting cock and yank it out. The fat slab of incest-meat was still squirting as he pulled it out and aimed it at his mother's giant, jiggling tit-bags.
Greasy clots of pure-white sperm gushed out on to his mother's udders. Mother and son were crying and laughing like lunatics as they watched the overgrown dick spew and paint those bloated tits with incestuous sperm. Jane opened her mouth wide and Johnny took the hint as he aimed his cock at her mouth and finished blasting his cum into his mother's mouth. Jane swallowed as much of her son's cum as she could, as the epic ejaculation died down. Johnny's cock became soft as it lay on his mother's belly and slowly emptied the remaining sperm in his balls. Johnny was panting heavily as he watched his limp ten inches leak the rest of his incest-fuck onto his mother. Jane was completely covered in gooey cum and her cunt was yawning open as it dripped the first thick loads out onto the sofa.
"Fuck, Mom! That was fucking amazing!" Johnny managed to say.
"You can say that again," Jane said as she started to gather her son's sperm from her tits and scooped the fresh cum loads into her mouth. She wasn't just swallowing it though. She was actually chewing it as she chomped the sperm down.
"It's a good thing your father and I never put you in school, Son. Now we can spend every fucking day fucking each other while your daddy's at work. How's that sound, baby? You wanna fuck your mother like this every day from now on?" Jane said as she smeared Johnny's sperm into her tits and ate the rest.
"Aw fuck, Mommy! Yeah! That's all I wanna do for the rest of my life! I just wanna fuck your holes and blow my cum all over you!"
"Well, that's good to know. We'll have to be careful that your father doesn't catch us though."
"Don't worry, Mommy. I'll be careful. Hey, can I fuck your ass, Mom?" Johnny asked as he used his cum to lube up his growing cock.
"Sure, baby. You can use your sperm to grease up my asshole."
"Cool, Mom." Johnny said as he gathered his jizz and smeared it all over his mother's puckered anal ring to prepare it for his fuck-sausage.
From that day forth, Johnny and his mother did nothing but fuck like animals every single day. Johnny's parents had never put him in school, deciding that Jane could home school him to save money but she never taught him anything in his first thirteen years of life because she was such a lazy cunt. Now that she let her son fuck her though she could now at least teach him something. She taught him the importance of making sure that he unloaded as much of his sperm into her cunt as possible throughout the day to make sure that he knocked her up, though she also taught her son to have fun with his cum. She taught him how to perfect his aim when he ejaculated on her so he'd be able to stand a few feet away from her and blast his cum almost directly into her open mouth as she kneeled naked on the living room floor or any room of the house for that matter.
After only a week of fucking each other, all of the furniture and especially Jane's bed was stained with jizz and cunt-juice. A musty smell of semen and cunt-cream lingered all over the house but Jane's husband didn't say anything about it. He noticed an odd smell but he didn't really know what cum and cunt juice smelled like because he squirted so little cum and he never sexually aroused his wife.
Jane got her period a couple weeks after she and Johnny first fucked and she made sure to have her son completely empty his balls into her bleeding cunt every day. Any jizz that was squirted on her body was even scooped up and shoved inside her twat to make sure that none of her son's sperm was wasted while they were trying to get her pregnant.
About a month into their fuck-fest, Jane had gotten a pregnancy test at the store in town and discovered that she was indeed carrying her son's baby. Johnny was sitting on the couch one morning watching The Price Is Right while his mother kneeled between his legs on the shag carpet and beat his gigantic meat as she sucked and slobbered on it. Johnny was surely enjoying it but was so used to it that he was still able to concentrate on his favorite game show. Jane popped the fat head of her son's dick out of her mouth and spit on it a few times so that it was good and slippery for her to tug on as she talked to her son.
"I have some great news, Johnny." Jane said as she kept cork-screwing her hands up and down her son's greasy fifteen-incher. Johnny took his eyes off the TV to look down at his gorgeous mother. A week earlier she had gone to the hairdresser to get her blonde hair done up into a cheesy bouffant. It turned her son on to see his mother in an outdated, cheesy, 60's hairdo. She also slapped on a lot of cheap makeup on to make herself look as slutty as possible. At the moment, she was only wearing a white cooking apron with her fat tits hanging out the front and her pale, naked ass bulged outward as it rested on her calfs as she kneeled before her son's godlike cock.
"Fuck, Mommy! You look so beautiful! What's the big news?" Johnny inquired.
"I'm pregnant, baby! You finally did it! You fucked a baby into your mother's belly!" Jane exclaimed as she grabbed her son's fat testicles and started sucking and slavering all over them.
"Fuck! That's fucking awesome news, Mom! I'm gonna be a fucking daddy!" Jane pulled away from her son's giant ball sac and beamed up at him with motherly pride.
"That's right, baby! You planted your own fucking sibling into your very own mother's cunt! Doesn't that make you feel like a big man?" Johnny's mother teased.
"You better fucking believe it, Mom! But what are we gonna tell Dad? You haven't been letting him fuck you, have you? I mean, he's a stupid fuck but he'll be able to figure out that you cheated on him when he sees my baby stretching out your belly like a worthless whore, haha!" Johnny said as he grabbed the base of his cock and started slapping it on his mother's face. Flecks of clear pre-fuck splattered Jane's face as her son whacked his meat on her made-up features.
"Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, Son. Maybe I can tell your father that I was raped or something." Jane suggested as she cupped her tits and wrapped them around Johnny's thick trunk.
"Haha! You're such an evil fucking cunt, Mom! Yeah, that might work, but I'd kinda like it better if he knew that it was his own son that fucked that baby into your womb."
"Well, we might be able to work that out, but we need the money he makes to raise our baby. I don't want either of us to have to get a job." Jane said as she let go of her tits and undid her apron, letting it fall to the floor. She wanted to give Johnny a good, old-fashioned tit-job and she didn't want her apron to scratch her son's meat. Jane started drooling between her tits so they'd be nice and slippery for Johnny's cock, though enough pre-cum was leaking out of his dick to lube her flesh-bags up anyways. Jane wrapped her mammoth breasts around Johnny's fuck-stick and started sliding them up and down the stalk. His cock extended over her head so she was able to stick her tongue out and lick up and down as she fucked her son's cock her her tits.
"Fuck, Mommy, that feels so fucking gooood! Mm, yeah! Fuck those big old tits up and down my dick, Momma!"
"You like this, Son? Hmm? You like fucking your mother's fat tits?"
"Fuck yeah! I fucking love it! Fuck my God damn cock with your tits, Mommy!" Johnny had stopped watching TV and let his head loll back as his tongue hung out of his mouth.
"Fuck, Mom! Do you like sliding your fat udders on your own son's cock? You couldn't do this with Dad's tiny dick, could you?" Johnny said.
"Fuck no, Son! Your father's little dick would completely disappear between my titties, haha!" Jane said as she started to really hammer her fun-bags on her baby boy's greased meat.
"Jesus fucking Christ, Mother! Why did you even marry the worthless fuck?"
"He accidently got me pregnant with you, sweetie, and my father made me marry him. The only reason I even let him fuck me was because I lost a bet to my friend, haha! Can you fucking believe that?"
"Damn, I'm sorry, Mom."
"I'm not, baby. I think it was fate. I had to suffer years of his miniscule dick but Mommy's making up for lost time with your gigantic horse-cock! I'm just glad you didn't inherit your father's little dick, haha" Jane said. She squeezed her tits harder around Johnny's fuck-weapon and started jacking him off with her tit-bags as hard as she could.
"Oh fuck, Mommy! That's feels fucking great! Fuck my cock with your tits! Harder, you fucking whore! Your such a worthless cunt, Mommy! You've got your own son's fucking baby in your belly and here you are giving your son a fucking tit-job in your living room!"
"Ugh, yeah baby! And I fucking love it! Mommy's gonna make that giant dick of yours spew all over the place! Then I'm gonna climb up on your squiring cock and take it up my pregnant cunt! You do want to fuck your mother's pregnant cock-hole, don't you, Son?"
"UGH, FUCK YOU, MOMMY! FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU! I'M GONNA FUCKING BLOW MY CUM, MOMMA! I'M GONNA FUCKING CUM!" And cum he did. Jane's tits had become a blur as she jacked her son off with them. She was groaning like a mindless beast and both of them grimaced as Johnny began gushing his chunky loads of jizz out of his turgid cock-knob.
A long line of white goo launched straight up from Johnny's piss-slit and arched over his mother's cheesy bouffant and onto the shag carpet. It would take a while for the thick load to seep into the rug but would no doubt add to the numerous cum stains that had either been worked out of his cock by his mother's hands or tits or leaked out of her fucked out twat after she'd been fucked silly by her dear, perverted son. Cum kept spewing and landing in his mother's hair and on her face. The jizz started to drip down her heavily made-up whorish face down between her fat, pale tits, making the squishy, squelching of tits and cock-meat even louder.
After Jane made her son ejaculate all over the place she used her mouth to clean his fat cock. There was no feeling in the world or sight better to Johnny than having his mother slurp loudly on his draining dick. He adored watching his mother give him sloppy, wet blow-jobs after having already made him pump his white, cock-sauce all over her soft flesh. Once Jane had sucked her son back to a mighty erection, she straddled his meaty fuck-log and worked that sold beef up her drooling snatch. Johnny reached around to cup his mother's bouncing ass. He began kneading her bubble butt as he pummeled his cock into her sodden fuck-trecnh.
"Fuck that thing up your mother's cunt, Johnny! Mommy needs your great big cock in her pussy, baby!" Jane panted as she bounced up and down her son's donkey-dick.
"Don't worry, Mommy. I'm gonna fuck you good and hard! I'm gonna fuck your hole until I blast another load of jizz into your pregnant cunt!"
"Ugh, yeah! Hose your mother's fuck-hole with your incestuous cum, Johnny! Bath our fucking baby with your sperm! Feed your jizz to the little bastard you fucked into your mother's guts!" Jane yelled! She was so excited that she had actually managed to make her son's prick bottom out in her twat. For the first time since they started committing incest, all fifteen inches of Johnny's fuck-flesh were going inside his mother's itchy cunt-hole!
"Look, Mommy! You're taking all of my cock into your fucking cunt! Jesus Christ!" Johnny said astonished, as he watched the fat lips of his mother's seeping vaginal-hole sucking the very base of his dick.
"I know, Johnny! I can feel every fucking inch of you inside my fucking cunt! God Damn! Know one can fuck like you! You've got your entire dick in your mother's filthy twat! Come on, Son! Fucking cum! Blow your fucking jizz in my womb! I wanna feel your filthy sperm sloshing around in my insides! DO IT! FILL YOUR MOTHER UP WITH YOUR FUCKING JIZZ! FEED OUR FUCKING BABY YOUR CUM!" Jane cried. Before her son could respond with his own verbal filth though, his mother stared going off with a barrage of evil thoughts.
"Your father's a faggot! You're limp-dick daddy is a fucking faggot with a tiny dick that makes me sick to my stomach! You own your fucking mother with your big dick! Do you fucking hear me, Son? YOU OWN YOUR MOTHER'S CUNT! YOU STOLE YOUR FAGGOT FATHER'S WIFE AND FUCKED AN INBRED BABY INTO YOUR MOTHER'S PUSSY! YOU MADE YOUR OWN MOTHER INTO A FUCKING GRANDMOTHER WITH YOUR INCESTUOUS JIZZ! AW FUCK! I'M CUMMING, SON! I'M CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR ENORMOUS FUCKING COCK! EMPTY YOUR BALLS INTO YOUR MOTHER'S FUCKING CUNT! TAKE WHAT BELONGS TO YOUR FAGGOT FATHER! TAKE YOUR MOTHER'S FILTHY TWAT!" Jane was screaming as loud as she could as she humped her cheating cunt up and down her son's monstrosity of a cock and vented her disgusting thoughts to high heaven. Johnny was not about to be outmatched by his mother's despicable talk though. So he grabbed his mother's ass-cheeks as hard as he could and pulled her into his thrusting prick as he let fly his own verbal assault.
Though he was making an evil, twisted face as his mother bounced on his cock on the living room sofa, tears started streaming down his face. He took his hands off Jane's ass and brought them around to grab her jiggling tits. He mashed his mommy's tit-bags together and stuck both of her nipples in his mouth to suck and chew on. Jane was fucking herself onto her son's fuck-organ like mad and riding it through her immense orgasm until she finally slammed her hips down and started grinding her cunt at the base of Johnny's dick. The sensation of his mother's pregnant twat gyrating and milking his cock-pole, combined with the sheer obscenity of their verbiage set off the most intense orgasm of young Johnny's life and he began blasting his cum straight into his mother's womb. Rope after slimy rope of Johnny's ejaculate erupted from his fuck-stick and spilled into the very womb he grew in as a baby.
He was sobbing as he slurped on his mommy's tits and emptied his nuts into her cock cavern. Chunky wads of Johnny's incestuous sludge seeped from his mother's yawning crack and pooled on the cushions beneath them. As the two evil fuckers came down from their demonic hump, they gazed into each other's eyes and smiled. They each leaned in and began tongue-fucking. Drool dribbled from their mouths as they kissed and slobbered. As they pulled away, a long line of saliva hung between their mouths.
"Oh my God, baby! That was the best fuck I've ever had!" Johnny's Mother said, panting like a thirsty dog.
"I know, Mom! That was fucking amazing!" Responded Johnny.
"Do you really think your father's a faggot, Johnny?" Jane said, giggling.
"Well, even if he's not, we could turn him into one. I mean, I could rape him if you wanted me to, haha," Johnny said before leaning in to suck on his mother's tits.
"Oh my! That would be fucking hilarious! I'd love to watch you rape your father! Hmm, it would be so much fun to finger-fuck myself while watching to take what little masculinity your limp-dick daddy has!" Jane said, grinding her semen drenched cunt onto her son's hardening fuck-slab. "Maybe sometime we could do that, sweetie. But we should wait for now."
"Yeah, I know, Mom. It'll be fun to at least talk about it while we fuck each other though." Johnny said as he pulled his mouth away from his mother's tits and humped his growing dick back at her cum-drenched cunt.
"Well, I'm hungry. Do you want me to fix you some lunch, Johnny?"
"Sure, Mom. That sounds great!" Johnny said.
"Okay. Here we go." Jane slowly pulled off her son's dick inch by inch until she was standing on the couch with her legs astride Johnny. She reached between her legs and spread her cunt-lips open as she placed her fuck-hole over Johnny's head as he tilted it back.
"Open wide, sweetheart. Mommy's got a nice, hot, tasty lunch for you." Johnny did as his mother said and opened his mouth as his mother's pink twat flowered open and began drooling Johnny's spunk into his hungry mouth. Thick wads of fresh jizz slopped out of Jane's fuck-trench and poured onto her son's face. All of a sudden Jane let out a loud cunt-fart and blasted Johnny's sperm all over his head and the back of the couch.
"Oh my! Excuse me, dear! Where are my manners?"