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Marching Band My Ass

2023-01-14 00:01:37

Fbailey story number 826

Marching Band My Ass

My daughter wanted to join the marching band. It was not a school event but a town run activity for our children to help keep them off the streets and to help prevent them from getting into trouble. Amber and I had attended a practice session to see if it was really what she wanted to get into.

I was surprised at the tight sexy outfits that the girls in the front were wearing. They were unbelievably sexy.

After they had put on their show, one of the girls that had been holding the big long sign with their name on it came up to me on the bleachers.

Her mother had been sitting in front of us but just off to my right. In fact she was just past my daughter who was on my right but down a row. Amber was wearing her usual outfit consisting of a too tight top and a too short skirt.

I had noticed that the woman had been turning around a lot to look at me…but she really wasn’t looking at me…she was looking up Amber’s skirt. I noticed that her knees would open and close with the music.

I on the other hand got to look down her blouse. It had a scoop neckline and it was a little too big on her. So without a bra on, I had a pretty decent view. I had seen her dark nipples often.

Stacey climbed up the seats to us and kissed her mother right on the lips. Then she stood on the seat before Amber and said, “Hi Amber! Are you thinking about joining our Band?”

The three of them started chattering away. It was fast and quite chaotic and it just blended into the background.

I took the opportunity to stare at Stacey’s crotch. Why not, it was certainly on display. It appeared to be one of those ballet tops that look like a one-piece bathing suit. It was white, it looked thin, and I thought that I was able to see a dark slit underneath. She had worked up a sweat with the exaggerated style of marching as she held up half of that sign. The sweat had turned the material transparent before my eyes. I had been able to see her slit and possibly some blonde pubic hairs too.

I smiled…she was a natural blonde. I wondered if her mother was too. Interesting!

Eventually my attention was brought back to reality. My daughter was poking me and said, “Daddy! She asked you a question.”

I asked, “What?”

The lady said, “I’m Laura Lewis and I was telling your daughter that you should come to our parent’s meeting tomorrow at seven. Right here.”

At my daughter’s urging I said, “Okay! See you then.”

I attended the parent’s meeting for new members and I was immediately assigned the Mrs. Lewis’ team.

Mrs. Laura Lewis was gorgeous. She was tall, thin, and reminded me a lot of my ex-wife. She was wearing the March Band T-shirt and very tight white shorts. The T-shirt was white and she was obviously not wearing a bra.

I looked at the other two women on her “team” and they also had the same white T-shirt and shorts on without bras.

I smiled to myself thinking about being with three beautiful women. Their hard nipples looked great. When they bent over to get things I was pretty sure that they were not wearing any panties either.

Laura caught me staring at Mary and Susan and said, “Stare all you want, we don’t mind at all. We wouldn’t dress like this if we didn’t want you men to look.”

Mary smiled and pulled her shoulders back, which forced her breasts out even more.

Susan giggled and said, “Thank God! You took so long to notice that I was starting to think that you might be gay.”

I said, “I’m definitely not gay. I was trying to be polite and gentlemanly.”

Mary grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and lifted it up to her chin and then pulled it down again. It was quick, it was a flash, but it was still very nice.

Laura said, “Cool it girls. Don’t excite the lesbians. He is already hard. Don’t embarrass him any more.”

As I looked around the gymnasium all I saw was women. They were all about the same age, between thirty and forty years old. The perfect age to have teenage children in the Marching Band. I wondered how many were single parents like the four of us in our team.

Laura told me to come to her house on Saturday for my orientation. The other women just giggled.

I said, “Okay.”

When I arrived on Saturday she asked me about my daughter Amber. I answered her questions and showed her a couple of pictures.

Then Laura asked me if I had ever seen my daughter naked.

I replied that I had not, since she was little.

Then she asked me if I would like to see my daughter naked.

I hesitated and did not actually answer her question but I said, “I like to look at naked women but I’m not too sure about my own daughter.”

She laughed and said, “I’m not going to turn you in or anything. I like young girls and I would love to see your daughter naked.”

I looked at her perfect body and asked, “Why?”

She said, “I have seen Amber. She is a little heartthrob. I would love a threesome with you and her.”

I said, “A threesome.”

Laura laughed and said, “A threesome. You know! Sex! You get to fuck her and me and then I get to eat that sweet little pussy of hers.”

I asked, “Are you serious?”

Laura backed up a couple of feet and smiled at me as she pulled her T-shirt up over her head. She pushed her tight jeans down over her hips. Then she stood there in just a very sexy pair of panties.

Laura said, “You can start by fucking me.”

She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. There she removed her panties.

As she got on her bed and spread her legs she said, “I can’t wait to put my tongue in Amber’s pussy. Come on fuck me.”

I got naked and stepped closer. Then I asked, “How did you know that I wouldn’t freak out and call the police when you suggested that I fuck my own daughter?”

Laura said, “Because I saw you drooling over my daughter’s damp pussy the other day. Don’t worry, I was doing the same thing to your daughter.”

I slipped my hard cock into her wet pussy and asked, “Do you think that your daughter would join us in a threesome?”

She thrust up at me very hard and said, “Sure but let us girls work on your daughter for a couple of weeks first. We need to soften her up and get her intrigued. It isn’t easy turning a sweet little Daddy’s girl into a sex crazed sweetheart.”

I thrusted into her and she thrusted back at me. The harder I went at her, the harder she came at me. It became a wrestling match to see who was the better. When I came I was out of breath and panting as though I had run a marathon. She came too but she had plenty of breath to shout out her pleasure.

She sang out her pleasure to God. She praised the feel of my cock. She thanked me for the best orgasm of her life. REALLY!

I had to admit that it was the best sex that I had ever had too. Of course I had to give a lot of the credit to my imagination. I couldn’t stop thinking about fucking my daughter and her daughter. With Laura’s help it would be soon.

As we dressed Laura said, “I’m going to have Stacey invite Amber for a few sleepovers. That way the two of us can work on her together. First we need to get her comfortable with her nudity. Next we need to get her comfortable with us sexually. Then it will be an easy step to you, especially if your first threesome is with the two girls.”

I was so hard that Laura gave me a blowjob before I left.

When I got home Amber was awfully antsy and asked, “Daddy can I spend the night with Stacey? She told me that I didn’t need to bring anything. Her mother needs to measure me to make sure that I am the right size to hold the other half of the big banner that Stacey carries.”

Of course I let her go. Laura kept me up to speed with text messages and pictures occasionally.

The next day when I came home from work Amber jumped up onto me giving me a very nice hug and a kiss right on my lips. My hands held her up and all I could feel was her bare skin, no panties under her skirt.

Amber said, “Daddy, I want to spend another night with Stacey and her mother but first I have something to tell you.”

I slid my hand along her soft butt and lowered her to the floor. She slid her pussy down over my erection on her way down. We both knew my condition.

Amber said, “First off I was totally naked for the whole time that I was there. Laura measured my boobs, my waist, and my hips. Then she measured my height and my in-seem. She had her hand right up against my pussy for quite a while and I liked it.”

She raised her skirt up to show me her pussy with a generous amount of fine hairs.

Amber said, “Stacey and I had sex and I liked it. I love the taste of her pussy and it feels awesome when she licks my pussy. If I spend tonight at their house Laura will let me have sex with her. All I had to do was tell you the truth. Laura will be calling you to ask what I told you. Can I spend the night?”

I looked down at her exposed pussy and asked, “Can I have a taste?”

Amber giggled and jumped up on the small table that I keep near the front door. Her skirt was up and her legs were spread.

I knelt down and moved my face in closer. Her open pussy looked fantastic, she smelled exotic, and I touched my nose to her clit. She jumped and then giggled some more.

I started to lick and she held my head as she humped into my tongue.

Amber said, “Oh Daddy, that feels so good. I can’t believe that you are licking my pussy. No way can Laura be this good. I changed my mind. I want to stay home now.”

I finished giving her a couple of very good orgasms and then said, “Amber, I want you go over there and have sex with Laura because I want to fuck Stacey.”

She appeared to shiver and shake before saying, “I don’t know if she’ll let you. She’s a virgin like me.”

I said, “So why don’t you go over there and tell her how good I am.”

Amber said, “Well…I really don’t know how good you are.”

I got up, lowered my pants and underwear, and touched the head of my cock to her wet hole…the same hole that I had just made wet.

I looked into her eyes and pushed my cock into her an inch…then another inch…and another and another until I had all six-inches into her pussy.

She wrapped her legs around me and squeezed in a way that forced her pussy another fraction of an inch onto my cock.

I had really gotten worked up while I licked her pussy so I only lasted about five minutes but she enjoyed it.

Amber said, “That felt great, especially when you came in me.”

I bent down, kissed her, and said, “Now go tell Stacey how good I am.”

Amber said, “By the time I get through bragging about you, you can fuck Laura too. I think that I can get Stacey to do a threesome with you and me.”

I kissed her and after we cleaned up and got dressed, I took her over to Laura’s house.


Amber got to participate in the Marching Band.

I got to fuck Stacey.

Laura and I were married.

Life was good…very good.

The End
Marching Band My Ass